ENA Plays Trivia! Test Your Knowledge Against Ours!

This week ENA Client Services Specialist, Sherita Dawkins offered her colleagues’ a little bit of fun (while testing their company knowledge) with a game of trivia! “Duck Hunt: Find the Hunny, Get the Money” was the name of the game as each employee was posed two questions and allowed  to upturn a toy duck from her (homemade) game board for each question answered correctly. If the duck had either a sticker of a jar of honey or a bumblebee attached to the bottom, the employee won a prize. Four of the Marketing Department and Client Services employees “found the hunny,” including Monica Farner, director of Marketing, and Lillian Kellogg, vice president of Client Services. All of the employees did well proving their knowledge and Sherita was pleased with the outcome saying, “Overall, marketing co-workers and proved to be good Duck Hunters that they REALLY know ENA.  Game well played—Congrats!”

Want to test your knowledge of ENA as well? Listed below are some of the fun questions Sherita quizzed us on:

1.      In what year was ENA founded?

2.      Name 7 of the 9 states where ENA services are provided.

3.      How many students, teachers and administrators does ENA currently serve?

4.      What’s our company purpose statement?

5.      What percentage of ENA customers report being satisfied with the service?



Answers: 1) 1996 2) TN, FL, ID, IN, MD, TX, GA, VT, NH  3) 3.1 million 4) Making the process of reaching and using valuable information as easy and reliable as turning on the lights. 5) 100% of customers!

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