NDLW and ENA Live

If you missed yesterday’s blog, then you may not be aware that this week is National Distance Learning Week (NDLW)!

The United Distance Learning Association (USDLA) celebrates this week annually in order “to celebrate and create greater awareness of distance learning, and to recognize leaders and best practices in the field,” as stated by Dr. Kenneth Harman, the NDLW Committee Chair for 2013.

ENA would also like to honor this week by recognizing and celebrating the great leaders in our ENA schools and districts as they continue to create distance learning opportunities for their students, educators, leaders and communities.

This fall I have had the opportunity to work with schools and districts across the ENA landscape as they have traversed the network forging “new” avenues of learning for all!

To kick off the week, I would like to welcome our newest and largest ENA Live user to the network—Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS). IPS is one of the largest school districts in the state of Indiana, supporting over 30,000 students throughout their district classrooms, and they utilize ENA Live videoconferencing daily to teach students Spanish classes in the district, as well as to provide training to directors, administrators, teachers and staff without the hassle and expense of travelling.

To date, IPS has trained over 90 staff members within the district, and they continue to offer that same opportunity to all of their educators to support current instructional opportunities for all students! Today, this is ENA’s largest implementation of ENA Live in a K-12 school district.

We are excited about the vision and the possibilities as IPS opens up the world for their students, bringing content, collaborations and core instruction to their students via distance education in the process.

To learn more about ENA Live, visit this page or shoot me an email!


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Monica Cougan

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Ms. Cougan joined ENA in 2012 as a Product Marketing Specialist bringing 22 years of experience in education technology integration to ENA. Ms. Cougan was responsible for monitoring successful school implementation for school programs adopting video conferencing technology in her former position. She worked with schools to develop plans for their regions, districts and schools integrating technology specifically video conferencing and collaborative technologies. Monica was also responsible for business intake and results. Prior work included the monitoring the implementation and integration of a variety of educational software and training pieces for school districts nationally. Monica brings an extensive background in curriculum and instruction, as well as educational research and evaluation.

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