Seeing Your Big Picture

At ENA, we get the privilege of working side-by-side with top educators and librarians around the country. We witness their accomplishments on a daily basis, and we are constantly amazed by what they are able to achieve. As such, we are honored to have the opportunity to shine the spotlight on members of ENA’s education and library communities and share their impressive stories and successes.

The Great IP Convergence: How Vermont’s Lyndon Institute Successfully Leveraged ENA’s Broadband, Wi-Fi/LAN, and Voice Services to Build a Seamless and Robust Infrastructure

css55 Located in the scenic Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, Lyndon Institute is a comprehensive day and boarding school for grades 9–12. Offering a student-to-teacher ratio of 12:1, Lyndon Institute provides an exceptional educational experience for its students that leads to a lifetime of learning and good citizenship. The school’s 200-course curriculum—plus 19 Advanced Placement courses—provides opportunities to study core honors academics, fine and performing arts, and career and technical education.

Making the Future a Reality: Welcome to Putnam County Public Library’s Imagination Portal

css54 The library recently transformed its children’s department into the Imagination Portal, an interactive technological playground with an emphasis on digital literacy. This new youth services library allows for collaborative digital creativity such as movie making and music production; exploratory learning through emerging medias including video games, eBooks, web applications, and movies; hands-on experiential programming including performances, arts, and crafts; cooking and culinary studies; and lively story-time events. The Imagination Portal combines the spirit of discovery and learning inherent in the traditional literary experience with the excitement of technological transformation and immersion.

The Internet of Things: How Robust Wi-Fi Opens a Door of “Connected” Possibilities

css53 The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a reality at Paoli Community Schools (Paoli), a small, rural Indiana school corporation (district), thanks to the efforts of its visionary leader, Superintendent Casey Brewster. The Internet of Things is the concept of connecting any device with an on/off switch to the Internet. It is a virtual, mobile, and instantaneous connection. Although such readily available connectivity is rapidly becoming the norm in the business sector, education is lagging behind in terms of leveraging this technology to its full potential. One-to-one and BYOD are still the conversation drivers in the K–12 landscape, but schools need to consider the bigger picture when formulating their strategic plans. Paoli has begun exploring the vast opportunities robust connectivity can bring to its learning environments, optimizing its enterprise-grade Wi-Fi network to boost productivity, streamline operation costs, enhance security, and—most importantly—improve student outcomes.

21st Century Learning at Its Best at Vance Middle School!

css52 Vance Middle School (Vance) is located in rural East Tennessee and is part of Bristol Tennessee City Schools. The school serves approximately 588 students in grades seven through eight. As a Title I school, Vance prides itself on providing challenging academic programs and opportunities for personal growth. The school is dedicated to the continued study, implementation, and refinement of educational processes inherent to quality middle level education. Vance’s commitment to supporting the core subjects and 21st century skills mastery is evident in the school’s strategic planning. This past year, Vance ushered in its Digital Conversion initiative. The word “conversion” was specifically chosen by school leaders because it reflects the school’s commitment to the integration of new learning environments. Vance’s motto—“We’re all in”—emphasizes the critical role student-to-student and teacher-to-student partnerships play in the learning and planning process.

In Our Own Words—Prince George’s County Public Schools VoIP Implementation

paag1 Maryland’s Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) Supervisor of Telephone Services and Data Wiring Robin Evans shares how she and her team leveraged Prince George’s resources and relationships to successfully deploy 15,000 phones in one of the nation’s 25 largest school districts, which serves more than 127,000 students from the surrounding urban, suburban, and rural communities. By March of 2015, the 234-site, 15,000-phone implementation was complete, providing PGCPS administrators and staff members with a cost-effective, reliable, and streamlined voice service that meets their communication, security, and billing needs.

Building a Solid and Secure Infrastructure, Piece by Piece, at Oak Hill United

css51 Indiana’s Oak Hill United School Corporation (OHUSC) is a high-performing school corporation (district) located in Converse, Indiana. Like most school districts in America, OHUSC is in the process of transforming itself to meet the needs of today’s digital learners. However, because of the school corporation’s established precedent for delivering academic excellence, OHUSC’s administrators, educators, and parents were hesitant to quickly deploy devices to OHUSC’s students. Instead, the school system’s leadership team employed a more systematic approach to their digital integration.

Creating a Lasting Impression at Learning Way Elementary School

css50 Learning Way Elementary School (LWES), located in Shelbyville, Tennessee, is part of Bedford County Schools. The school has been integrating more technology into its curriculum as part of its digital learning transformation. LWES recently introduced Learn360 into its classrooms to enhance instruction and provide its students with engaging high-quality content. Learn360 is a premier web-based solution for K–12 multimedia educational resources. This cost-effective and dynamic program offers more than 11,000 full videos; 38,000 video clips; and 5,800 short videos, newsreels, and speeches.

Race Against the Clock! Rogersville City School System

css49 Rogersville City School System’s Technology Administrator Gary Hicks has been an ENA customer for several years and has always been impressed with ENA’s reliable service and support. However, even Gary was nervous when last minute budget delays pushed the district’s planned ENA Air installation back until the first of August—one week before the first day of school. Always up for a challenge, ENA assembled its team and orchestrated a plan to ensure that it had ENA Air, ENA’s fully managed wireless service, ready to go when RCSS’s students walked into their classrooms.

Where Are They Now? Plymouth Community School Corporation

css48Five years ago, we profiled one ambitious Indiana school corporation that was just setting out on its 1:1 journey. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet back up with Plymouth Community School Corporation’s Superintendent Dan Tyree to discover what Plymouth has been up to for the last five years and find out where they are at with all of their technology initiatives. Plymouth Community School Corporation (PCSC) is a rural school corporation located in Northern Indiana. With a free and reduced lunch rate of approximately 56 percent, Plymouth faces many of the same funding challenges experienced by other public school systems.

Out With the Old and In With the New

css47 As the old saying goes, “Happy Wife, Happy Life,” but in the K-12 sector, it’s more like “Happy Finance Department, Happy Everyone!” Manchester City Schools’ Director of Technology Mark Howell embraces this mantra and is always striving to streamline his district’s costs while still providing his teachers and students access to effective and efficient 21st century learning and communication tools. One identified area of improvement concerned the district’s outdated phone system. The district was looking to implement a low-maintenance, reliable and cost-effective VoIP solution that simplified the district’s billing processes. After a thorough review of the latest voice solutions, Mark and his team selected ENA SmartVoice. One hundred fifty plus phones later (and billing reduced to a single page!), Mark and his district’s finance department couldn’t be happier.

Creating Stable Cyber Environments

css46The award-winning Mooresville Public Library in Indiana is always striving to serve the diverse needs of its patrons and provide them access to the tools and resources they need to succeed in their everyday lives. With an influx of devices hitting its network, Mooresville recognized it required a robust and effective wireless solution in order to create a healthier and more stable cyber environment for its guests. After reviewing a number of wireless services, Mooresville felt that ENA Air, ENA’s managed wireless solution, stood out from the pack. Following a seamless and fluid implementation, Mooresville Library and its patrons are now soaring through the cyber skies and enjoying a turbulence-free wireless experience thanks to ENA Air.

Sustained Success: How One District Is Eliminating the Inefficient “One and Done” Model in Education

As March Madness gets underway, the phrase “one and done” will be uttered in countless conversations over the next several weeks. Although the term is often applied to basketball players who stay in college just one year before entering the NBA, the phrase can also be used to describe some of the current practices in education today. With the help of ENA Live, Marion Community Schools (MCS) in Indiana is replacing this “one and done” methodology with a sustainable, cost-effective professional development (PD) and instructional learning model for its staff and administrators.