Getting the Results, One Student at a Time


“It has been a very positive program for our school. In the past, our students were taking some of the same classes over and over again. With Grade Results, TLC’s students are actually earning credits and graduating. We had three early graduates in December, and we have nine students who will finish up in May and graduate with the high school students.”

—Principal Barbara Ector, Cleveland City Schools, Cleveland, TN

Making It Relevant

Making It Relevant“Defined STEM has also been a big help. It contains all kinds of STEM curriculum. It has robotics, all types of math curriculum and task-based learning projects. A lot of districts are just kind of doing their own thing in terms of STEM. There is not a lot of direction on what things we need to hit because STEM is created out of what a school system thinks they need. We selected Defined STEM because we wanted something that was uniform and that could offer something at every grade level.”
—STEM Coordinator Jill Pierce, McMinn County Schools, TN

Braving the BYOD Boom

Braving the BYOD BoomBring your own device (BYOD) is one of the latest educational initiatives sweeping the nation. You know this. And you probably also know that conceptually, the idea’s brilliant. But in practice (as you also may know all too well) the BYOD phenomenon is leaving a wake of already overwhelmed, stressed-out technology directors in its path. Fortunately, with the right tools—such as ENA’s managed infrastructure and cloud-based tools such as ClassLink LaunchPad—districts can alleviate much of the anxiety that accompanies the  implementation of a BYOD program and find more pain-free success.

Building Bridges With ENA Live

Building Bridges With ENA Live“We’re very spread out. We have about 48 miles in between two of our elementary schools. [Our planning] meetings were just taking too many people out of our buildings and taking too much time away. We’d have to get substitute teachers. Our teachers are out of the buildings so much that we thought ENA Live might be a great tool for them to use for their meetings. Now we can have our meetings using videoconferencing and not have to deal with all of that travel.”
—Information Technology Director Tina Key, Crawford County Community School Corporation, IN


Sometimes the Truth Is Better than Fiction

“Kids need this exposure, and it’s up to us, as educators, to show them how to use [this technology] appropriately and use it as a tool instead of a toy.”

—Lance Yoder, Technology Peer Coach, East Noble School Corporation, Kendallville, IN

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

“ENA Live usage happens without us even knowing about it,” explains Sharp. “Teachers and our other staff are connecting to one another with the solution and oftentimes we only hear about it after the fact.”

—Gary Sharp, Technology Director, Monroe County Schools, TN

Sometimes The Truth is Better than Fiction

“Kids need this exposure, and it’s up to us, as educators, to show them how to use [this technology] appropriately and use it as a tool instead of a toy.”
—Lance Yoder, Technology Peer Coach, East Noble School Corporation, Kendallville, IN

Finding Power in Numbers

“Videoconferencing has transformed what we can do. My high school and most of the schools in the TVLN are isolated and separated by long distances. I use ENA Live at least three or four times a week to conduct meetings. It’s more tangible than a phone call or e-mail, and that face-to-face interaction is more meaningful.”

—Dr. Jared Bigham, Principal, Copper Basin High School, Polk County Schools, TN

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

“ENA Live usage happens without us even knowing about it,” explains Sharp. “Teachers and our other staff are connecting to one another with the solution and oftentimes we only hear about it after the fact.”

—Gary Sharp, Technology Director, Monroe County Schools, TN

Touching a Chord

“I thought [VTC] would be a great way for students to be critiqued by other people beyond judges at music clinics and festivals. We could do this right inside the classroom, with these experts watching, giving feedback and answering the kids’ questions.”

—Bill Robinson, Maryville Intermediate School Orchestra Director, Maryville Public Schools, TN

Weatherproof, All-Terrain, 24x7x365 Learning

“When you have the technology, and are willing to use it, learning challenges become learning opportunities.”

—Lee Ruffin, Distance Learning Coordinator, Carter County Public Schools, TN

Tech Department Improves Support and Credibility With SchoolDude’s ITDirect

SchoolDude is a powerful, online technology incident and help desk management tool that streamlines the entire technology workflow process, from incident request to resolution. “One of the best things about it,” says Kingsport City Schools (TN) Director of Technology John Payne, whose district has used ITDirect since 2006, “is its simplicity of use.” Beyond that, it’s cost-effective and Web-based and increases his staff’s efficiency and credibility.

Coming Home to the Classroom

“Right out of the box, [BrainPOP is] visual, that’s what it’s all about. They’re movies and they have closed captions. So my ESL students can see the scene progress
right along with the English words underneath. Any kind of student can benefit from multiple sources of input, but
especially ESL students.”

—Joseph Whinery, ESL Teacher, Williamson County Public Schools, TN

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

“Dual-credit courses over video-teleconferencingtechnologies just make so much sense. I truly believeschools should be taking advantage of everysuch opportunity that they can. … The collegecredit coming out of high school gives a studentconfidence as they step onto a college campus.They know they can do it. That confidence boostcan give a student a lot of valuable momentum.”

—Jared Jenks, Sugar-Salem High School Principal, Sugar-Salem School District, ID

Learning Gets Up Close and Personal with VTC Autopsy

If dissecting a frog is part of your treasure trove of school-day memories, today’s students have a message (a text? a Tweet?) for you: “Dissecting frogs is so last century.” Forget about polliwogs, 21st century students have moved up the food chain: thanks to video teleconferencing (VTC) solutions from ENA and the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC), high school students such as those in Marshall County, Tennessee, are observing actual human autopsies!

Useful, Unexpected and Unforgettable

Bedford County Schools (TN) has launched an ambitious video teleconferencing program, successfully using the tool for distance learning, virtual field trips, administrative meetings and professional development. “Video teleconferencing just lends itself so well to professional development,” explains Joan Gray, the district’s former technology director and now part-time consultant.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Turkey Run and Rockville Community School Corporations in Indiana have a lot in common: their small size, their home county and their fierce athletic rivalry. This fall, they began to share something else. AP Physics and AP Calculus, over video-teleconferencing (VTC) technology from ENA.

ENA Live … It’s a No-Brainer!

“ENA Live is an extremely inexpensive, effective resource that helps my principal. It helps my teachers. It helps our students. I’ve been telling my peers in the region, ‘If you aren’t looking into this, you’d better.”

—Dianne Anderson, Technology Coordinator, McKenzie Special School District, TN

Co-Opting Mobile Devices for the Classroom: Encouraging and Empowering Students To Take Learning Into Their Own Hands

“I’ve seen the transformation from battling with cell phones to using them. The more kids can learn about proper etiquette and use of technological tools, the better. We should empower our students to find answers on their own, not discourage it … I want to teach them to use technology in a productive way.”

—Jason Horne, Teacher and Virtual Learning Coordinator, Greeneville City Schools, TN

New Tool for Stellar Reading-Writing Success

“The beauty of Big Universe is that it’s not teacher-driven, but student-driven. Once in the site, students are free to explore… Students are put on the same playing field in that they can read what they’re comfortable with. There’s no embarrassment. They are in front of a computer, engaging with the book, without other students as an audience to judge. It’s easy and it’s safe.”

—Julie Bohnenkamp, Director of Technology, Center Grove Community School Corporation, IN

Instant Video Gratification for K-12 Education

“Our teachers and students think Learn360 is great. The students really respond to it because dynamic, highly visual, online tools such as Learn360 are part of this generation’s culture. They enjoy it, they pay attention to it and they are engaged by it.”

—David Badger, Media Specialist and Librarian, Burley High School, Cassia School District #151, ID

Breaking a Cycle of Non-Education

The Niswonger Foundation received a $17.8 million “Investing in Innovation” (known as “i3” for short) Grant from the U. S. Department of Education, one of only 49 chosen out of the 1,697 nationally that applied.

Education Without Borders

“Being remote, VTC is going to help us offer classes that we just can’t offer from within our district.”

—Joe Steele, Director of Technology, Salmon ID

Welcome to the Weiser World

“VTC is something I’m extremely excited about. I’ve been in education for 18 years and have never seen an opportunity like this. This is an amazing opportunity for kids that want to challenge themselves academically and learn more and advance further in their careers and lives. Many urban students have had these kinds of opportunities for years, but rural students like mine haven’t.”

—Dave Davies, Weiser High School Principal, Weiser School District, Weiser, ID

Change for the Better

“I think teaching and learning over video teleconferencing is a really good thing. But change can be hard to accept. There are some teachers that are afraid that this kind of technology will replace teachers. I tell them that they’re missing the point. No school or district is going to cut a teacher just to beam me in. This is not a replacement, it’s an opportunity to add instruction that you just can’t offer.”

—David Gural, Math Teacher, Eagle High School, Meridian School District, Meridian, ID

Come for the All-Natural Resort, Stay for the High-Tech Revival

A school district in the Idaho mountains is harnessing big bandwidth and video teleconferencing from the statewide Idaho Education Network to bring better education and job opportunities to its students and its citizens. This community, once a thriving resort town offering wilderness and water sports to vacationers and plenty of work to locals, has seen its population decline in recent years because of job scarcity. District officials are counting on technology to help turn the tide.

The Shortest Distance Between Two Points

“There’s no way we could afford any of this without VTC. Instead of paying for full-time, specialist teachers, we can pay tuition. It enables us to be fiscally responsible while still giving our students a better education than they would have had otherwise. We’re unlimited with these technologies.”

—Tony Holland, Technology Coordinator, Crawford County Community Schools, Crawford County, IN

A Bodyguard for Your Hard Drives: Centurion’s Tech Solutions Protect, Control and Save

“We generally find that our customers enjoy a speedy four‐month to eight-month payback on the cost of our solutions … Our products free up cash for a school district so that they can spend their money more wisely.”

—Russell J. Bucaro, Centurion President

Adams County, IN, Library Embraces Change for the Better

“Does [the proposed solution] work for our patrons? Does it work for our
staff? If it doesn’t work for both, then it really doesn’t work.”

—Kelly Ehinger, Director, Adams County Public Library, IN

Taking the Internet—and Web-based School Resources—to the Streets in Avon, IN

“If coffee shops can offer wireless Internet access for free, then why can’t public buildings?”

—Michael Taylor, Director of Technology, Avon Community School Corporation, IN

New Superintendent Turns to Technology to Ramp Up Learning, Ramp Down Costs

“It’s our responsibility to teach the ethical use of technology. They will be using technology and making these decisions for the rest of their lives.”

—Dan Tyree, Superintendent, Plymouth Community School Corporation, IN


Indiana School Corporation Finds Better Textbook Solution in netTrekker

“The door was cracked open by the state board,” says Jensen, “and we’ve broken it down and jumped through. Fortunately, we were ahead of the curve on this thanks to the foresight of the committee and high‐tech experiences such as our New Tech high school. We’ve already had teachers in other subjects saying that textbooks can’t accomplish their goals.”

—Bill Jensen, Director of Secondary Schools, Indiana Department of Education

High-Tech Project-Based Learning Comes to Rural Indiana School Corporation

“This is where our kids need to be. It’s a change, but it’s the right change. We’re revolutionizing the classroom.”

—Jeffrey Jerrels, North Daviess 21st Century High School Principal, North Daviess Community Schools, IN

Virtual Learning a Vital Reality in Putnam County Public Schools, TN

“This summer we’re on track to see students earn 57 credits through virtual learning. Every credit puts a kid closer to graduation.”

—Sharon Anderson, Virtual Learning Coordinator, Putnam County Public Schools, TN

Video-on-Demand Brings Learning to Life in Bedford County, TN, Schools

“Nothing helps students ‘see’ like video … [it’s] much more effective than reading the information from a book.”

—Mary Catherine Perry, Fifth-Grade Teacher, Bedford County School District, TN

Much More Than E-mail: Gaggle Helps Greeneville High School, TN, Students “Take Ownership” of Learning

“Although I do consider myself a tech-savvy person, these tools are just too easy not to use, no matter who you are … [E-mailing my students progress reports is] incredibly easy, yet such a fabulous tool. My students always know where they stand academically, and even if I can’t connect with their parents, there’s a record that I’ve contacted the student about his or her progress. It can be a motivator for both the student and the parent.”

—Jamie House, Teacher, Greeneville High School, TN

ENA’s Voice Solutions: A Feature-Rich, Cost-Effective, Education-Centric Answer to Your Telecommunication Needs

“[ENA’s] flat rate per phone is cheaper than purchasing a new system, the phones, all the boxes, PRI and the long distance minutes. Whatever the additional cost of having phones in the classroom, that’s more than offset by the value. I advocate this solution because it’s an easy way to get into IP-based telecommunications.”

—Kenny Morrow, Technology Specialist & Assistant Network Administrator, Maury County Schools, TN


The ENA Difference: Education Isn’t Part of Our Focus, It Is Our Focus!

“A lot of times, when service providers approach educators, they’ll lay out a product created for the market at large and say, ‘Here, adopt this.’ With ENA, it’s the reverse of that. Theirs isn’t a basic service that’s been retro-adapted for education. ENA’s is a product that’s been developed expressly for education. We’re not a part of their market. We are their market.”

—George Tachtiris, Director of Technology, Crown Point Community School Corporation, IN

ENA Delivers: Providing Service-Rich Network Expertise, Responsiveness and New Educational Opportunities

“With ENA, I get network expertise, responsiveness and a single point of contact, all in the same package. If I need something, I usually hear back from ENA that day. If the network goes down, ENA knows about it as soon as I do. I don’t know of another ISP that provides all of the services that ENA does.”

—Brian Witherow, Technology Systems Supervisor, Marion Community Schools, Indiana

Achieving Mission-Critical Success: ENA’s Service Approach to Partnerships Makes the Difference

“The Internet has become mission-critical for us … ENA has done a lot of important things for us: installing fiber for high-speed connectivity, giving us suggestions for hardware and applications, all that. But the single most important thing that they do is constantly monitoring our network, making sure that we’re up and running all the time.”

—Scott Borden, Technology Director, Scott County District 2, Indiana

Networked for Life & Learning: Telemedicine to the Rescue: Sevier County Schools, TN, Finds Newfangled Solution to Age-Old Problem

“This is truly groundbreaking,” says Best. “The telemedicine staff is able to expose students who are faking ill in order to get out of school and get the genuinely ill the care they need. It’s keeping kids in school and getting them through an illness a little quicker.”

—Don Best, Coordinator of School Health, Sevier County Schools, TN