Each brochure provided below offers a detailed look into each of ENA’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions, explaining how it works, its features and, most importantly, how it will benefit you and your instructional and operational mission. Open the brochures in your browser or download them in PDF form to your desktop to read at your convenience. If you have a question of any kind, do not hesitate to contact us.

ENA Solutions Brochure

ENA offers a full suite of connectivity, communications, and collaboration services including broadband, Wi-Fi/LAN, voice, and video solutions to K-12 and libraries nationwide. We also offer instructional, administrative, productivity, and video surveillance products through our Partner Program in select markets. Designed to enable the delivery of digital age education and community services, ENA provides solutions that power learning, connect communities, enable efficient operations, and give you peace of mind. Get to know these ENA solutions, and find out how we can be your partner for success.

ENA Internet AccessENA Internet Access Solution

Using ENA’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Internet access solution is similar to hiring a general contractor to build your house and, once built, having that expert remain to keep everything running smoothly and reliably. We are the single service provider responsible for delivering reliable Internet access service in support of the variety of applications and technologies deployed throughout the state, district, or library.

ENA Internet AccessENA WAN Solution

ENA provides dedicated WAN connectivity services, including point-to-point or point-to-multipoint WAN coverage between buildings. ENA delivers service primarily using fiber-optic transmission lines offering flexible performance with a wide range of bandwidth speeds. In addition to fiber-optic service, ENA offers broadband for hard-to-reach locations utilizing a mix of transport technologies to deliver comprehensive WAN solutions.

ENA AirENA Air Managed Wi-Fi LAN Solution

ENA Air leverages ENA’s proven IaaS solution model to bring complete, turnkey wireless networking to schools and libraries. By choosing ENA Air, your staff will be freed from the substantial headaches, labor, and training investments that can come with do-it-yourself Wi-Fi. Instead, ENA Air takes care of every step of creating, deploying, and managing a robust wireless network.

ENA SmartVoice VoIP Solution

ENA SmartVoice is a fully managed, cloud-based solution that lowers the total cost of ownership and ensures a seamless path to future growth—all while streamlining communications and better preparing your campuses for emergencies. Customers have told us what’s most important to them in a voice solution, and ENA has listened. ENA SmartVoice is the next generation of school and library focused telephony.

enascthumb-optENA SmartConference Voice Conferencing Over IP Solution

Conference calling has become an indispensable tool for schools and libraries in today’s reality of tight budgets and packed schedules. IP-based voice conferencing services* from ENA make a great tool even better. Offering increased convenience and advanced features at a low monthly rate, ENA SmartConference is a productive, cost-effective alternative to in-person meetings, training sessions and more.

*ENA SmartConference is only available to ENA SmartVoice and ENA SmartLink customers.

Thumbnail of ENA SmartLink brochureENA SmartLink VoIP Solution

ENA SmartLink allows you to cost-effectively extend the life of your current PBX investment while enjoying increased reliability, enhanced features, and generous calling plans at no extra charge. Because network and PBX upgrades are not necessary, your benefits will be immediate!

ENA NetShield Firewall Service

ENA NetShield, a firewall service that mitigates threats at our core, spares your Internet access circuit from unwanted traffic and attacks. Utilizing industry-leading security appliance architecture, ENA NetShield features multiple levels of redundancy and uses the ENA MPLS backbone to deliver the most flexible security service in its class.

ENA WebSafe Content Filtering

ENA WebSafe is a centralized, content filtering solution that is fully compliant with the filtering requirements of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). ENA has provided content filtering solutions for customers since 1998, and we developed ENA WebSafe exclusively for school and library environments by listening to our customers’ needs and incorporating their priorities.

Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom

Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom is a hosted, fully featured video conferencing over IP service that requires no new hardware or network investments. Whether your administrators, educators, students, and/or staff are connecting using a desktop or laptop computer (PC/Mac), legacy H.323 system, or smartphone or tablet (iOS/Android/Blackberry), Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom seamlessly and securely integrates with them all, allowing everyone to enjoy a high-quality video conferencing experience.

ENA Partner ProgramENA Partner Program

The ENA Partner Program offers an outstanding lineup of educational, administrative, productivity, and video surveillance products designed to enhance student performance, boost efficiency, and enhance safety in schools and libraries—all at the lowest available prices. ENA negotiates with our partners for special low bulk rates on these award-winning products and then we pass the savings along to you! The ENA Partner Program portfolio may vary each year and may differ by region.