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2018 ENA Costume Contest and Chili Cook-off

2018 ENA Costume Contest and Chili Cook-off

ENA Costumes 1

Nothing quite beats the smell of chili in the air and the sight of clever costumes milling about the office.

October is a always a fun month for ENA teammates. This year was no different as we once again held our chili cook-off and costume contest!

We had a particularly strong showing this Halloween season, and we are proud to announce the following winners:

Costume Contest


1st Place – Prince aka Christina Irick, Senior Network Engineer

“I had a blast dancing around the office to Prince songs! I was a super
star for a day.”


2nd Place – Mage aka Jessica Lawrence (handmade cloak), Associate Customer Support Engineer

“This is, indeed, a place where magic happens…”

3rd Place –  The Emojis aka ENA Customer Engagement Team

Capacity Planning Man

Costume Winner – Remote Employee

1st Place – Capacity Planning Man aka Doug Gluntz, Principal Engineer

Notable Participants

lego man

ena team

pumpkin lady


Chili Cook-off

1st Place – Claire Sanders, Talent Coordinator

“For our cook-off this year, I made a vegetarian chili—based on a recipe my mom always used when I was growing up. When I was in college, I started making chili because it was an easy place to start; over the years, I’ve modified and added to her recipe, introducing new herbs and roasting the veggies. Chili has become a casual passion of mine!”

2nd Place – Glen Richardson, Customer Support Engineer

“The chili  that I entered this year was a turkey chili, mild with a little kick.   Modifications to the recipe are from my daughters.  The vegetables are seasoned just as much as the turkey meat.  Two types of beans are used.   Chili has always been considered a hearty comfort food that can be slightly adjusted depending up the occasion for which it is made. I prefer my chili  with crackers or cornbread.”

3rd Place – Debbie Regan, Senior Project Manager

“This recipe came from someone I worked with at Cracker Barrel. His name was Benton Van Winkle but everyone called him Rip Van Winkle.”

Brad White is a communications professional and digital marketer at ENA. A former seventh grade language arts teacher, he has a passion for engaging and serving the educational community.
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