Greater Rutland County Deploys VoIP to Enhance School Security and Streamline Communications

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Customer Success Story The Starting Point Nestled in the picturesque green mountains of central Vermont lies Greater Rutland County Supervisory Union (GRCSU), a forward-thinking, rural New England school district that’s challenging the status quo by embracing 21st century technology with modern communications. Back in 2016, GRCSU’s analog phone system was creating a variety of problems […]

Build a Blueprint for Student Achievement With CatchOn

Measuring the usage and efficacy of your technology investments in relation to student learning outcomes requires visibility into your class-level applications and usage. In order to personalize and enhance learning environments, districts need to see what online apps and resources are being used by their students both inside and outside the classroom. Using CatchOn’s customizable […]

How Santa Fe Is Turning Data into Innovative Strategy and Fresh Collaboration

Customer Success Story SANTA FE PUBLIC SCHOOLS | SANTA FE, NM Santa Fe Public Schools, like most school districts, has a vast amount of instructional, financial, and operational data they leverage to inform decisions. However, when it came time to start refreshing the devices that support the district’s 1:1 initiative, they realized they were missing […]

Wi-Fi 6 in 90 Seconds!

Wi-Fi 6 is generating a lot of buzz in the education space and there’s a good reason why. It offers the opportunity for Higher data rates Increased capacity Improved performance in dense environments with many connected devices Improved power efficiency   While this new amendment to the 802.11 standard is certainly powerful and transformative, the […]

ENA Lends a Hand at the Fannie Battle Day Home for Children

Fannie Battle Day Home For Children Group

This fall, through our partnership with Hands On Nashville, ENA had the honor of helping the Fannie Battle Day Home for Children build out some helpful tools for teachers and students.“Fannie Battle makes such an impact in the community by serving children and families in need through affordable childcare and additional assistance programs,” said ENA […]

Broadband Imperative III Report

The Broadband Imperative III: Driving Connectivity, Access and Student Success report advocates for equitable, reliable, robust broadband access both on and off campus to prepare all students for life and work. This report builds upon SETDA’s earlier work, including it’s groundbreaking Broadband Imperative series of reports and State Broadband K12 Leadership reports. Exemplars highlight states and districts where robust bandwidth […]

The Biggest Threats to Your Community’s Security

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With the number of security risks threatening schools constantly evolving and expanding, it can be difficult to know which threats demand immediate action. That’s why we put together The Five Scariest Threats to Your Network’s Security.In this white paper, we spell out the threats our experts believe today pose the greatest risk–plus how to protect […]

Why VoIP is Needed for 21st Century Healthcare

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You’re Slammed As responsibilities increase and the amount of time to meet them stays the same, minimizing unnecessary tasks allows staff members to focus on more important priorities. According to IT Toolbox, switching gears throughout the day to tackle tasks like managing contacts and voicemail leads to a 40% reduction in staff productivity. VoIP Can […]

EdTech Audit Checklist

Edtech Audit Checklist

It’s estimated that U.S. school districts now spend over 13 billion dollars a year on educational technology. With such a significant investment being made by schools across the nation, it’s imperative that education leaders possess a clear understanding of how their EdTech purchases (e.g. devices, software licenses, apps, etc.) are being used in their classrooms […]