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4 Must-Dos for Internet Safety!

4 Must-Dos for Internet Safety!

For many, summer vacation means relaxation, pools, and fun in the sun.

Unfortunately, hackers, phishers, and identify thieves don’t miss a beat when it comes to cyber villainy and are more present than ever in the online sphere. Since it’s Internet Safety Month, we wanted to share four easy tips for boosting your own cybersecurity.

All Passwords Are Not Created Equal

You know “abc123,” “password,” and your birthdate (which can often easily be found on one of your social media accounts) are not good passwords. You know this, but like all of us, you’re also in a hurry when establishing a password. Resist that urge and be a safe account user.

Use symbols, letters, and mixed capitalization when creating passwords. Use words that are easy for you to remember but difficult for anyone else to discover. And, although tempting, don’t use the same password for every website.

You’re Using Guest Wi-Fi. Proceed with Caution

Unless you’re making use of a VPN or your own personal, secure hotspot (in which case—go you!), you should be beyond super-duper careful when using guest or free Wi-Fi.

Activities to avoid include banking, shopping, logging into emails, and basically anything where you provide a login and password that could result in cyber-calamity. And P.S., paid Wi-Fi does not always mean it’s safe—inspect the security being implemented.

Lock Your Phone

On average, if you add up all the seconds you save in a lifetime by not taking the time to lock and unlock your cell phone, you only save four minutes and thirty-seven seconds.

Ok. So I made that up, but no matter what the time-savings is it won’t outweigh the damage that can be done if a thief is able to get into your phone and apps with the slide of his or her finger.

Mobile Gaming Cuts Down on “Are We There Yet?”…But Is It Safe?

If your kids are in the backseat playing games 100% offline, then ignore this.

Most likely,though, they aren’t. Gamers like to play with others and make digital pals online. Ensure they’re using avatars instead of actual pictures, take a peek at their chat history and make sure things are on the level, and make certain you know exactly what the app is doing with your child’s data.

Brad White is a communications professional and digital marketer at ENA. A former seventh grade language arts teacher, he has a passion for engaging and serving the educational community.
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