The TexLa Telehealth Resource Center is a federally funded program designed to provide technical assistance and resources to new and existing Telehealth programs throughout Texas and Louisiana. The TexLa TRC continually evaluates Telehealth programs for effective delivery of Telehealth services, efficiency, sustainability, and patient satisfaction. It is also developing an interactive, hands-on training center to provide guidance in Telehealth planning, implementation, management, and sustainability. The center aims to educate policy makers about legislative and regulatory barriers to the use of Telehealth in Texas and Louisiana while working with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and third party payers to improve reimbursement for Telehealth services. Collaboration with other regional Telehealth Resource Centers is ongoing in order to share resources as well as lessons learned to help promote best practices in Telehealth across the United States. ENA participates in the Crossroads conference each year.