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6 Ways the Big Cloud Providers Make Your Job More Difficult

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When organizations begin researching cloud technologies, there are a few big cloud providers that immediately appear in any search. Although these providers do offer some benefits, they are not built to meet the unique needs and environments of their customers. Check out six ways big cloud providers can make your job harder:

Lack of Customer Support

Big cloud providers scale customer service via automation and self-provisioning. If personalized and helpful customer service is something you are seeking, the money you saved on the front end will quickly be eaten away by the hours you and your staff will spend googling and hunting through user forums— until you finally realize you have to PAY for help.

At ENA, our enterprise-level cloud services are supported 24x7x365 by live US-based, world-class customer service engineers that care about your issue—and yes, it’s included in your package.

Unpredictable Billing

Big cloud providers are notorious for variable monthly costs and invoices. This type of pricing structure makes it difficult to plan ahead and budget for as well as to understand what you are being charged month to month. 

ENA provides monthly, flat rate billing. Our transparent, concise statements enable you to quickly see what you are paying for. Of course, if you need to scale up or down, we can handle that too. You have enough to worry about without dreading the receipt of your cloud provider’s bill every month.

Costly Data Transfers

Do you ever transfer data? Might you ever need to transfer data? Large cloud providers sure hope so. They charge a pretty penny for data transfers. So, if you ever plan on moving data out of their cloud or even between clouds, you will be hit with an exorbitant charge that could put your budget at risk. 

ENA has been delivering connectivity to communities for over 20 years. Our large network capacity enables us to offer optimal pricing that fits your budget and provides the flexibility you need to transfer your data on demand. 

Rigid Solution Offerings

Big cloud providers have a large partner ecosystem, but unless you’re one of their top paying customers your data will likely be relegated to one of their standard, cookie-cutter packages. This is a serious problem if your organization needs custom support, non-standard terms, packaging, or pricing.

ENA welcomes all customers and tailors its services to meet each customer’s specific needs. We’ll work with you to carve out the exact package and terms you need to get the job done. 

One-Size Fits All Approach

Large cloud providers lack flexibility and are not built to meet the needs of individual customers. Because of their size, large cloud providers don’t always understand the specific needs of your organization or offer the personalized attention and customer support you deserve. 

ENA understands the unique infrastructure, operational, support, and fiscal demands of the communities we serve. Our cloud experts are dedicated to helping our customers build secure, scalable, and sustainable cloud computing platforms, ensuring you receive the solution you need and trust with your critical data. 

Cumbersome Feature Set

Attempting to navigate dozens and dozens of everchanging and ceaselessly deployed new features can make you feel more like you’re drowning than working. It leads to a never-ending need for training and persistent confusion over a constantly metamorphizing dashboard. 

ENA’s cloud services, designed and built by ENA’s customer-centric and highly-skilled engineers, offer exactly what you need. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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