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Cloud technologies are transforming the way organizations across the nation store, protect, and access their critical data, but choosing the right cloud vendor and planning for a large migration is no small feat. That’s why ENA developed this concise and accessible guide to help organizations navigate their cloud options and proactively plan for migration. 

Download your copy of our Cloud Strategy Guide and Migration Checklist to gain a better understanding of the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud model and gain access to 

  • A list of important features to look for when evaluating IaaS offerings
  • Questions you need to ask when vetting IaaS providers 
  • A checklist of best practices for a successful cloud migration 

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Once you’ve decided the cloud is the right step forward, it’s time to start preparing for migration and gaining organizational support. The most important steps of a successful migration are planning, planning, and you guessed it, planning.

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