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In the blink of an eye, your organization’s data can be lost, stolen, or simply damaged beyond repair. Discover how you can leverage ENA’s cloud solutions to prevent your organization from experiencing its own data disaster.

The Sudden Firestorm

A raging wildfire swept through one city, engulfing everything in its path. The local school district’s on-site data center, which housed all the district’s critical applications systems, was placed in jeopardy. Luckily, the fire changed course at the last minute and the district’s data was spared from destruction. 

Firestorm in California

The Forgotten Water Pipe

A rusty, aged pipe cracked unexpectedly in the middle of the night, sending a deluge of water that quickly flooded a library’s data center and damaged a million dollars’ worth of hardware. The staff used hairdryers to salvage what they could, but they lost more than half of their hardware and compromised their organization’s data. 

The Villainous Email

A college professor received a “verify your security info” email from Blackboard that looked exactly like the communications she normally received from that application. As soon as she hit submit on the seemingly familiar landing page, she received a ransomware message to pay up or risk losing the college’s data. 

Villainous hacker email!
Two engineers confused in front of server stack

The Suppression System

A local hospital’s fire suppression system kicked into gear after mistakenly detecting a heat source, damaging a large percent of the hospital’s on-site data center. The hospital’s payroll data was irrevocably lost. Staff members had to spend months manually piecing salary information together from scraps of paper and physical personnel records.

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