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Eight reasons why your organization should consider migrating to the cloud

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Today’s IT departments are tasked with deploying and managing a wide array of technologies. Finding the time and money to devote to purchasing, racking, stacking, and powering servers can be difficult and inefficient. Virtual data center services are designed to support your challenges and lighten the load for you and your staff. 


Zero footprint in your buildings

Cloud computing supports a greener environment, eliminates the need to carve out a physical space for housing servers, and significantly reduces the capital and personnel costs associated with managing, maintaining, and powering on-site servers.



Today’s virtual data centers make it easy to deploy virtual servers quickly and easily in the cloud. ENA TrustCompute, ENA’s hosted and managed virtual data center service, gives you full access to an online portal that provides users with a comprehensive dashboard that enables them to quickly create virtual machines (VMs), rapidly deploy applications, and allocate server resources as needed. User-friendly dashboard tools allow you to configure your VM and easily manage zones, select operating systems, and choose your memory, core size, and disk capacity. 



ENA TrustCompute offers simple and flexible resource bundles. These bundles allow you to tailor your memory, storage, and virtual CPU core configuration to meet your specific needs and quickly scale your resources based on your data center strategy. Instant scalability is the key to supporting data center growth and managing the increasing numbers of applications and data points organizations oversee. 


Cost savings

Reducing and eliminating overhead costs is a primary goal for most organizations. ENA TrustCompute supports the reduction of capital expenditures by lowering hardware expenses. Eliminate the unpredictable and costly repair, power, and cooling expenses associated with maintaining traditional on-site servers by moving your data center to the cloud. ENA TrustCompute’s simple billing model can also save critical funds, with no data transfer or hidden fees and predictable, flat-rate pricing. 



ENA’s engineers leveraged their experience and knowledge to design a cloud computing solution that meets the specific needs and challenges of today’s organizations. ENA TrustCompute’s hosted carrier-class environment ensures reliability and availability with an always-on virtual server platform.



Seamless and secure access to data and mission-critical applications is crucial. ENA TrustCompute offers a transparent user experience through a secure and private LAN extension. The solution utilizes Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) to encrypt traffic flow over the public Internet for off-net customers. Current ENA Internet access customers have a direct, private connection to their cloud via ENA’s Internet backbone.


Enterprise-grade support

Emergencies happen—weather-related power outages, water damage, human error, fires, theft, and the list goes on. Rest assured knowing your data and applications are securely housed in a gated data center with 24x7x365 surveillance and card access control. ENA TrustCompute also supports disk snapshots to minimize risks associated with software upgrades and emergency needs. 


Time and resource efficient

Technology staff members are busier than ever supporting today’s digital learning ecosystems. Moving your resources to a cloud computing solution like ENA TrustCompute removes much of the stress and anxiety associated with managing and maintaining on-site servers. Power failures, hardware updates, and timely maintenance instantly become a thing of the past, enabling staff members to devote more time to supporting their mission-critical technology needs.  

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