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8 great ways to protect your data

In today’s data driven world, day-to-day IT operations require successful management and storage of vast amounts of mission-critical data. Here are a few recommendations to protect and support your data operations. 


Back up your data

Keeping your data backups offsite is critical to any data management plan. The cloud protects users against data loss that could result from operational mishaps or malicious cyber threats. ENA TrustBackup uses backup sets to easily define and manage backups for a single device or across groups of devices.  You determine what files will be backed up, how often backups will occur, and how long the files will be retained.  


Encrypt your data at rest and in transit

Seamless and secure access to data and critical applications is crucial. ENA TrustCompute offers a transparent user experience through a secure and private LAN extension. The solution utilizes Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) to encrypt traffic flow over the public Internet for off-net customers. Current ENA Internet access customers have a direct, private connection to their cloud via ENA’s Internet backbone. 


Secure storage

Offsite cloud storage can help ensure your data remains intact, secure, and accessible in the event of a natural disaster, cyberattack, or catastrophic event. ENA’s storage platform is engineered to ensure data resiliency and availability to optimize the integrity of your digital assets and creates a space for easy, 24x7x365 access and transference of data for authorized stakeholders. ENA TrustVault offers infinite scalability that enables you to quickly and easily manage large quantities of data. 


Geographic diversity for regional catastrophes

The cloud can bring geographic diversity to your infrastructure. Leveraging a cloud platform to co-locate servers is a simple way to create a geographic diverse infrastructure and spin up servers when you need them. You can easily migrate essential databases and information to a secondary location, creating not only a backup but redundancy. You are protected if disaster strikes. 


Network segmentation (zones)

A common security practice for many IT departments includes network segmentation. Utilizing the cloud for network segmentation allows you to easily spin up and segregate your network into isolated areas for security purposes. Creating public, private, and protected instances in the cloud that allow you to create secure zones further enhances your secure data plan. 


Malware protection

Malware is a serious issue impacting many IT users and systems nationwide. While utilizing the cloud does not eliminate this risk, coupling the use of the cloud with anti-malware protection minimizes the risk. Off-site storage and backup allow you to recover a clean version of your files from a previous point in time prior to a system malware attack. Additionally, disk snapshots in the cloud allow you to minimize risk with software updates allowing you to roll back to a recent data reference marked in time. 

Install operating system updates

Regular updates to your operating systems are required to install security patches and manage and protect your IT environment from newly discovered threats, as well as increase the efficiency and productivity of your system. ENA TrustCompute supports Windows Server (2008 R2 and 2012 R2), Linux, and BSD operating systems and will allow you to rest easy knowing your system will be regularly scheduled to install the latest updates.   


Practice the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP)

Managing and running computers that are connected to your network as an administrator or Power User may leave a computer open to security risks. Creating a strategy that dictates how much access different accounts may have and the levels of hierarchy that are appropriate to complete their jobs will add an extra layer of security to both your network and computer data operations. 

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