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Benches, SeeSaws, and Giving Back: ENA’s Volunteer Day at St Luke’s Community Houses

Benches, SeeSaws, and Giving Back: ENA’s Volunteer Day at St Luke’s Community Houses

In late April, on one of the prettiest spring days so far, ENA teammates had the privilege to help out a well-deserving Nashville non-profit organization.

Volunteer Day Group - working

St. Luke’s Community House and its incredible team educate, enrich, and empower the local community through meaningful collaborations and quality services. Since 1913, its goal has been to create a community where children, families, and seniors from all walks of life can easily access the resources needed to lead fulfilling lives.

In conjunction with Hands On Nashville, a local organization that connects thousands of volunteers of all ages to more than 300 service projects each month, ENA volunteers packed up and headed to West Nashville for a day of building.

ENA Volunteer Day Group - working

Three main projects were the focus. The first was assembling a multi-colored seesaw that will give kids a few happy bounces and teach them their first lesson in physics.

“One of the life lessons I teach my own children is to always look for ways to be a helper,” said Jessica Lawrence, an ENA associate customer support engineer. “So this was a great opportunity to put those words into action!”

“It’s always fun to help out here. The work they do here is amazing,” added Michael Irick, an inventory lead at ENA.

ENA Volunteer Day Group - working

Another ENA team was responsible for building raised garden beds for the organization’s daycare. The children will have the opportunity to learn about gardening and get some valuable hands-on experience growing plants and flowers.

One expert ENA builder was thankful for the opportunity to put hammer to nails. “I’m so grateful ENA gives us the time to do this. They make it a priority to give back so we can make it a priority to give back,” said Taylor Gray, ENA marketing coordinator and proposal/RFP specialist.

Another team was responsible for building four new benches, perfect for St. Luke’s patrons and children to rest their feet after a long day.

Vickie Noltkamper, an ENA sales support specialist and now bench-building enthusiast, loved her volunteering experience, saying, “Helping out those who really need it makes you feel great. Plus, we’re getting to use power tools, which is awesome.”

ENA Volunteer Day group

All who participated had a blast…even if we were all too big for the seesaw.

Brad White is a communications professional and digital marketer at ENA. A former seventh grade language arts teacher, he has a passion for engaging and serving the educational community.
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