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The Tools You Need to Bridge the Digital Divide

When the Covid-19 pandemic forced education, government, and healthcare organizations to offer their services virtually, it revealed and exacerbated the existing connectivity gaps affecting communities nationwide.

Though institutions have worked tirelessly to close the divide, offering connectivity to everyone on a limited budget poses many challenges. With so many options to choose from—private LTE networks, external access points, mobile hotspots—selecting the right solution can be difficult. 

Fortunately, ENA has the experience, expertise, and the solutions you need to develop a robust community connectivity strategy for your unique circumstances. Fill out this form and we’ll help you get started.

ENA Solutions Menu
ENA Solutions Menu

ENA Beacon

What is ENA Beacon? A comprehensive, purpose-built private LTE solution that includes design and implementation of the network as well as options for ongoing management and support. ENA Beacon can provide safe, robust Internet Access for students and other community members in specific locations or across an entire community.

Who needs ENA Beacon? Schools, universities, healthcare networks, and other community organizations seeking to implement long-term solutions to the digital divide.

Kajeet Mobile Hotspots

What are Kajeet Mobile SmartSpots? Portable, individual My-Fi devices that offer connectivity over multiple carrier wireless networks. Service is powered by Kajeet’s Sentinel platform, which allows organizations to monitor and manage data utilization.

Who needs Kajeet Mobile SmartSpots? Organizations that are looking to help reduce the digital divide in their community without investing in new infrastructure. Kajeet is ideal for schools looking to provide access to a limited number of students in areas with existing strong cellular wireless coverage, whatever the local provider. Kajeet’s solutions can also be customized for deployments in other community institutions.

ENA Air outdoor community access

What is ENA Air outdoor community access? Regardless of what Wi-Fi network you have inside your buildings, ENA can help design, install, and optionally manage robust enhancements to your outdoor campus connectivity.

Who needs ENA Air outdoor community access? Any organization that would like to offer secure Internet connectivity to people able to travel near to—but remain outside of—its campus buildings.

Mobile Citizen Connectivity

In partnership with the non-profit Mobile Citizen, ENA offers additional wireless internet and hotspot connectivity over the Sprint wireless network. This service includes unlimited data plans and can be a very cost-effective solution for community connectivity.

To learn more about Mobile Citizen, please contact Kyle Yost at [email protected].