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Broadband Solutions

ENA’s special brand of connectivity is tailored for educational access. It is an approach that goes far beyond bandwidth: it begins and ends with a commitment to customer care you will not find anywhere else in our industry. Our Internet access, firewall, WAN, network security, and content filtering services are designed to power learning, streamline operations, and protect your organization from detrimental security threats and attacks.

ENA Internet Access Services


ENA understands downtime is not an option. ENA Internet access is designed, built, and managed by ENA to increase uptime and improve performance. That is why exceptional resiliency and the ability to recover quickly from outages and disasters are key components to ENA’s network design, implementation, operational management, and ongoing technology testing.

ENA WAN Services


ENA provides dedicated WAN connectivity services primarily utilizing fiber-optic connectivity between locations for tremendous speed and design flexibility. In combination with high-speed fiber-optic connections, ENA is experienced designing solutions for hard-to-reach locations utilizing a mix of available technologies tied into a seamless WAN solution. ENA’s experience operating and developing WAN solutions utilizing a mix of technology services reduces management complexity and broadband disparity.

ENA WebSafe Content Filtering Services

ENA WebSafe Content Filtering Solution

ENA WebSafe is our comprehensive, cloud-based content filtering solution. Compliant with the filing requirements set forth by the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), ENA WebSafe is a powerful solution that maximizes security, provides customers with the flexible filtering tools they need, and minimizes administrative burdens.

ENA WebSafe Mobile Content Filtering on the go

ENA WebSafe Mobile Content Filtering Solution

Content filtering on the go! ENA WebSafe Mobile enables schools to configure mobile devices so that they are filtered by district-sanctioned content filtering policies even when the devices are used off campus. This easy-to-deploy service saves bandwidth by not utilizing your Internet access when devices are off-site and is compatible with most Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android devices.

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