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ENA WebSafe Content Filtering Solution

ENA WebSafe—our innovative and flexible content filtering solution that is designed to meet your growing needs and demands.

ENA has been providing cost-effective, cloud-based content filtering since 1998. We listen to our customers’ needs and incorporate their priorities into our design architecture, producing a powerful and flexible solution that maximizes security, provides customers with the tools they need to ensure CIPA compliance, and minimizes administrative burden—all while putting them in the driver’s seat.

ENA WebSafe, ENA’s content filtering solution, gives K–12 schools, higher education institutions, and libraries

  • A proven solution that is extremely fast, scalable, and flexible—our fastest filtering engine yet!
  • Complete control over their filtering policy, including customized blocking
  • A robust safety net for students while giving them access to the valuable learning opportunities of the Internet
  • The ability to comply with CIPA while respecting user decisions and First Amendment freedoms

Choose the solution that fits your needs

We know that you have unique filtering requirements, which is why we created ENA WebSafe Prime and ENA WebSafe Pro. Peruse the feature set below, or speak with an ENA account service manager (ASM), to identify the service package that best fits your needs.


  • Authorized Override functionality and online administration
  • Complete online, real-time control of category selection, blacklists, and whitelists
  • The ability to input specific websites for whitelisting and blacklisting override either individually or in bulk via manual entry, copy/paste, or CSV file import
  • No premises-based equipment
  • Robust admin controls, analytics, and reporting
  • HTTPS filtering on port 443
  • The ability to choose which content categories to block or allow (there are over 50 categories that organize websites by subject matter)
  • Access to view and download utilization reports


  • Active directory user integration, meaning you can provide different filtering policies to different users based on your own user-directory structure, allowing seamless authentication and optimal filtering flexibility
  • A captive portal is used for obtaining the user AD credentials, allowing most devices that support modern web browsers to authenticate (not limited to just MS Windows devices)
  • Input specific websites for whitelisting and blacklisting override
  • Choose which content categories to block or allow (there are over 50 categories that organize websites by subject matter)
  • Full ENA management and maintenance of any required on-premises equipment
  • Enhanced analytics and controls, as well as additional reporting and visibility
  • HTTPS filtering on non-standard ports
  • Access to view and download utilization reports
  • Private IP address and user visibility for even more detailed online reporting

Please note that ENA statewide network customers who have used previous generations of ENA’s content-filtering solution may choose the ENA WebSafe Classic solution. Contact your ENA account service manager (ASM) for more information.

ENA WebSafe’s popular and proven Authorized Override (AO) service gives you the ability to grant certain users the ability to bypass category restrictions.

ena websafe diagram

ENA WebSafe Mobile Content Filtering Solution

Content filtering on the go!

  • Saves bandwidth by not using your Internet access when devices are off campus
  • Has flat, per device pricing, enabling you to plan your budget
  • Is easy to deploy
  • Is compatible with devices that support global proxies

To deploy ENA WebSafe Mobile on your devices, your MDM or device configuration system should

  • Configure proxy credentials on the devices
  • Optionally provision a PAC (Proxy Auto Config) file on devices
  • A PAC file allows devices to bypass sites that are not “proxy friendly”
  • Can also keep local traffic on-net so it doesn’t have to proxy out to be filtered

If you would like additional information about ENA WebSafe or ENA WebSafe Mobile, or if you would like to purchase ENA WebSafe or ENA WebSafe Mobile for your institution, please contact one of our regional service professionals.


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