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Your Gateway to Data-Informed Decisions.

CatchOn is a comprehensive data analytics tool that provides administrative leaders a window into the efficacy of their technology investments and integrations.

CatchOn New Features

Invest Wisely
Evaluate software renewals with actual usage and financial data, not surveys.

Inform Training
Identify gaps in usage by tool to create targeted professional development and training plans.

Detect Trends
Discover what free or unknown apps are being used.

Monitor Data Privacy
Enables districts to identify applications that may be vulnerable to student data privacy policies.

Experience the Power of Visibility

CatchOn enables education leaders to see all the software applications their teachers and students are using on their school devices, allowing them to quickly diagnose applications vulnerable to student data privacy policies.

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CatchOn Resources

Whatever Your Role, CatchOn Empowers You to Make Data-Informed Decisions


3 Ways Data Analytics Tools Identify and Optimize Software Applications in Schools


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See actual evidence on which apps are being used, how often, and at which campuses. We help you make wise decisions about your technology adoption.

About CatchOn

CatchOn is a user-friendly data analytics tool that compiles real-time data on every device, enabling school districts to make data-informed decisions about the apps and online tools their educators and students are using. In 2018, CatchOn joined forces with ENA, a leading provider of comprehensive technology solutions to education institutions and libraries across the nation. Collectively, CatchOn and ENA leverage their respective resources and expertise to deliver critical services and solutions that help school districts produce positive outcomes in the communities they serve.

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