Fast and Dependable Connectivity Solutions for Libraries

Reliable Connectivity Is Mission-Critical for Today's Libraries

With more resources accessible online than ever before and more patrons relying on libraries for connectivity, libraries need strong, secure networks to serve their communities. 

ENA’s fast and dependable connectivity solutions are designed to keep libraries connected and empower them with the high-quality broadband and Wi-Fi they need to serve their patrons. 

Internet Access

ENA Internet Access
Turnkey Infrastructure as a Service Internet access service that includes the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of circuits, as well as network equipment and hardware.


ENA Wide Area Network
End-to-end wide area network (WAN) service that leverages high-speed connections to serve your whole community while reducing management complexity.


An all-inclusive, scalable, and enterprise-class Wi-Fi/WLAN solution purpose-built to meet your current and future technology needs.

Wi-Fi Services

ENA Air Flex
A variety of Wi-Fi/LAN network management services available as a unique, customized partnership with flexible management terms.

Connectivity Professional Services

ENA Connectivity Professional Services
A comprehensive suite of à la carte engineering services that allows you to choose a custom service to achieve your unique connectivity goals.

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