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The ENA Difference

We have many competitors who claim they can deliver what we do, but there is one fundamental difference between us and them—our people.

At ENA, we are a team in all aspects of the word. We work in a collaborative culture that fosters and promotes creativity, innovation, and teamwork. Together, we deliver transformative solutions that enable our education and library customers to streamline their operations while elevating their technology platforms. We love what we do, and we are all united by one goal: to provide excellent customer service, 100 percent of the time. Our formula for success is simple—no finger pointing, no excuses, just results.

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At ENA, we are not just your service provider—we consider ourselves your service partner. When you choose us, you get more than an excellent service or solution—you get an entire support team!

From the customer support team to the engineers and developers, there’s no denying that the people behind those three little letters are integral to ENA. However, while we take great pride in our employees, it would be a misstep to omit the most integral group of people—our customers.


With ENA, You’re Never Alone! Meet Your Support Team

Whether your technology department has 2 team members or 50, there is always more work to do than hours in the day. ENA’s unique IaaS service model can help you cost-effectively streamline your operations because our solutions come with a skilled and knowledgeable support team that is with you every step of the way—before, during, and after a service deployment.


Account Service Managers

Every ENA customer is assigned an account service manager (ASM) who builds a trusted relationship with you and your team by working to maintain an understanding of your specific goals and needs. Our ASMs are knowledgeable, informed, experienced, and most importantly—dedicated to delivering optimal customer service. To get in contact with the ASM in your region, please view our list of regional account service contacts.

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Project Managers

ENA’s project management office (PMO) is comprised of a dedicated group of individuals who oversee the seamless installation of all new and migrated ENA services. ENA’s project managers have full authority to bring ENA skills, resources, and intellectual capital to bear to ensure project success. Our team has provided oversight and management for the deployment of thousands of site connections and voice deployments and has a comprehensive appreciation for the level of attention to detail and meticulous follow-up required to ensure on-time delivery and a smooth site-level transition.

ENA Project Management Support Team
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Our vast pool of experienced, certified, and extremely diligent engineers is one of our company’s most significant assets. From our network engineers and voice engineers to customer support engineers, Wi-Fi engineers and beyond, we have the expertise available to assist our K–12 schools, higher education institutions, and libraries with their most difficult needs and challenges. Our engineers are never satisfied until our customers are satisfied—whether that means installing switches at 10:00 p.m. at night or deploying new VoIP handsets over the weekend while your staff is away.

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ENA is one of the top five national E-rate service providers. Once selected as your service provider and as allowable, we assist you with every step of the E-rate process, providing ongoing guidance, training, and support to ensure compliance with E-rate regulations.

Our internal team of E-rate specialists and experienced outside advisors, including E-rate legal specialists based in Washington, D.C., stay on the cutting edge of E-rate knowledge and policy changes. As part of our team’s ongoing and proactive methodology, they review E-rate program rules and requirements frequently, including review of SLD-issued materials, to ensure continuing compliance. As a leader in working with statewide consortium, school district, and library E-rate applications, we understand our role in providing guidance, while at the same time respecting the rules governing acceptable service provider/applicant interactions. Our support services include

  • Educating and reminding customers of deadlines, rule changes, and current issues
  • Reinforcing compliance on all E-rate program rules
  • Working with customers during the Form 471 process to ensure adequate filing amounts to cover E-rate eligible services
  • Preparation of Form 471’s Item 21 Attachment describing ENA’s specific services
  • Aiding customers in responding to Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) questions
  • Assistance with Form 486, start of service
  • Filing appeals/actions to gain funding

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ENA’s superior support begins with the Customer Technical Assistance Center (CTAC). Our customer support engineers (CSEs) are a dedicated staff available 24x7x365 for immediate customer assistance on any and all ENA service issues. This means your call will always be answered by a live professional in our USA-based offices who has experience working with schools, higher education institutions, and libraries. There are no long waits and our CSEs are able to resolve issues without escalation over 94% of the time.


Help At Your Fingertips

In addition to our live CTAC support, ENA has a robust library of always-available online support resources and service service enhancement applications in the ENA Help Center and within the myENA user portal.


Access online self-support with the ENA Help Center. The ENA Help Center contains a wealth of help documentation, including manuals and tutorials for ENA’s services and support applications. In addition to product-specific content, you will also find valuable resources such as the Technology Leader Welcome Kit.



Monitor your network and more with myENA’s online service and support applications. Visit the myENA page and select an option to log into your powerful ENA solution portal. ENA has the solutions you need to keep your communication, instruction, and daily operations flowing smoothly.

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