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ENA Partner Program


A Lineup of Outstanding Educational Products From our Trusted Partners

A program created based on customer requests and feedback, the ENA Partner Program is an outstanding lineup of educational products designed to enhance student performance and boost efficiency—all at the lowest available prices. ENA negotiates with our partners for special low bulk rates on these award-winning products and then we pass the savings along to you! The ENA Partner Program portfolio may vary each year and may differ by region. The following are the 201617 ENA Partner Program product offerings:


BrainPOP creates animated, curriculum-based content that supports educators and engages students for individual, team, and whole-class learning. At school and in more informal environments, BrainPOP characters help introduce new topics and illustrate complex concepts.


Grade Results provides online courses and a comprehensive set of credit recovery, acceleration, remediation, alternative and special education services to public, private, charter and alternative schools, as well as community colleges and universities. Grade Results is research-based and offers personalized and ever-expanding curriculum powered by a cutting-edge, one-to-one delivery system.


Learn360 is an interactive media-on-demand service for the K12 educational market that provides educators and students the power to meet and exceed 21st century educational expectations across all curriculums. Learn360 sets the standard of quality for video streaming with a flexible back-end built specifically for educators.


LiveSchool is a web-based app that makes it easy for teachers to record and share behavior points in real time, print weekly reports for parents, and manage a school-wide and district-wide incentive system. LiveSchool can be accessed from a phone, tablet, PC or smartboard. LiveSchool has robust reporting capabilities, can trigger alerts when specific behaviors are recorded, and provides an online, real-time portal for students and parents.

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