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ENA / Kajeet Partner Program

Every Student Deserves Equal Access

In a world that is progressively becoming more digital, students and schools need the proper tools to be connected and accessible. Teachers are preparing their students by regularly assigning homework that engages them with the Internet, but the “Homework Gap” is preventing equitable study. Therefore, ENA has partnered with Kajeet; to help close the homework gap so all students, regardless of geographical location or family income, receive an equitable education and have the opportunity to navigate and learn in our digital world.

What is the Homework Gap?

The homework gap refers to the difficulty in students’ experience completing homework when they lack Internet access at home.

More schools are going 1-to-1 with their students

1 in 3 U.S. students do not have Internet access when they leave school

7 in 10 teachers assign homework that requires reliable Internet access

26 million students spend an average of 40 minutes per day on the school bus

ENA and Kajeet’s partnership was created to help connect students to safe, filtered, educational Internet access, whether they are at school, home, or even traveling. Our solutions are specifically designed to combat the accessibility obstacles in the K-12 sector, from closing the homework gap to keeping testing centers online.

To ensure every student has filtered access to the Internet outside of schools, we offer two main solutions:


Connects students anytime, anywhere with Wi-Fi hotspots. Ensure students can complete their homework even if they don’t have Internet access at home.

  • Portable
  • CIPA-compliant educational filters
  • Usage and data reporting
  • Device check-in/out functionality


Extends the classroom with school bus Wi-Fi hotspots. Students can complete homework while on long routes to and from school, or while traveling on athletic or activity buses.

  • CIPA-compliant educational filters
  • Usage and data reporting
  • Pool and share data among buses
  • Connect to bus technologies including camera, telematics, driver tablets, and more

Turning Student Travel Time Into Learning Time

For any questions or additional information, contact Kyle Yost at kyost@ena.com or call 615-312-6165.

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