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ENA Air Customer Managed Wi-Fi

ENA Air Customer-Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

High-quality Wi-Fi Designed to Meet Your Wireless Needs

ENA Air’s customer-managed Wi-Fi solution is a customized approach to assist you and your staff in the development of a new wireless solution, or the assessment and updating of your current Wi-Fi environment. This comprehensive solution leverages our proven Wi-Fi experience to offer you a tailored menu of wireless engineering services that includes assessment, design, implementation, project management, and validation in addition to equipment and cabling options.

Designing and deploying a building-wide or campus-wide Wi-Fi network is a challenging and time-consuming project for today’s 21st century technology departments. ENA Air’s customer-managed solution provides your organization with a team of experienced engineers and project managers who will support you with your Wi-Fi support needs.

ENA’s team of engineers are certified in wireless networking, design, deployment, analysis and administration, holding certifications over 16 categories collectively, including certified wireless network experts.


ENA Wi-Fi Classroom

What’s Included*


ENA engineers perform a comprehensive in-person site survey to assess your network coverage and capacity requirements. Because every building and campus is different, our engineers will discuss with you your technology visions and mobility plans, conduct a facility walkthrough assessment to determine your equipment needs, and perform a radio frequency (RF) site survey of the existing WLAN. They then compile a high-level list of recommendations from this data and propose the best solution for you.


From the assessment, a Wi-Fi design is created—which includes a detailed blueprint of the proposed WLAN—to meet identified requirements for coverage, capacity, user density, and mobility needs. The design includes specifications for access point (AP) quantity, placement, channel plan, and power plan.


ENA offers state-of-the-art enterprise-grade equipment to support a robust Wi-Fi design and implementation.

Project Management

Dedicated project management is included with every implementation to ensure a seamless and stress-free Wi-Fi deployment.


Based on the design, an ENA project manager coordinates the network implementation, which includes installation of new fiber and/or low-voltage copper cabling; AP labeling, mounting, and patching; and rack installation of new switches.

Activation and Validation

Once implementation is complete, an ENA project manager organizes the activation and validation, wherein an ENA engineer visits your site to configure and activate your WLAN, ensures RF coverage matches the Wi-Fi design, and performs final validation testing to ensure successful authentication, roaming, and performance of the wireless network.


Upon activation and validation, an ENA trainer provides self-management training on the newly-installed WLAN, including system monitoring, configuration, and reporting. Training is offered for various skill levels, including network engineer, facility engineer, and business administrator.

*Customer-managed service options (excluding equipment) require the purchase of the preceding service(s) in the menu.

In Your Hands - ENA Air

The rest is in your hands!

After your custom-tailored Wi-Fi solution has been deployed, you are in control of your network’s management and monitoring. This customer-managed service includes hardware and software support from the equipment provider you choose for your Wi-Fi access.

Please note this service does not include ENA monitoring, maintenance, or reporting. Please refer to our fully-managed service offering if you are interested in a Wi-Fi solution that includes these services.

If you would like additional information about ENA Air, or if you would like to purchase ENA Air for your institutions, please contact one of our regional service professionals.


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