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ENA WAN services are designed to keep you at the forefront of technology.

By harnessing a greater number of connectivity types into a singular service to seamlessly reach each of your locations, we expand your opportunity for growth and design flexibility. ENA is an experienced service provider in the implementation and project management of a wide area network (WAN) infrastructure designed to support connectivity between K–12 schools and libraries. Our ENA WAN service delivers reliability, flexibility, scalability, increased service capacity, and reduced lease charges for telecommunications infrastructures.

ENA provides dedicated WAN connectivity services primarily utilizing fiber-optic connectivity between locations for tremendous speed and design flexibility. In combination with high-speed fiber-optic connections, ENA is experienced designing solutions for hard-to-reach locations utilizing a mix of available technologies tied into a seamless WAN solution. ENA’s experience operating and developing WAN solutions utilizing a mix of technology services reduces management complexity and broadband disparity.

Our scalable, best-of-breed approach means our customers can reduce or eliminate costly infrastructure-associated expenses such as capital equipment purchases, disposal of obsolete equipment, and service upgrades. 

Using ENA WAN is similar to hiring a general contractor to build your house and, once built, having that expert remain to keep everything running smoothly and reliably. We are the single service provider responsible for delivering reliable WAN services in support of the variety of applications and technologies deployed throughout the state, campus, district, or library. The power of ENA’s complete, turnkey Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) WAN offering is that it encompasses the provisioning, installation, and ongoing maintenance of all circuits, as well as all network equipment and hardware.

ENA WAN solution services include

  • Network design
  • 24x7x365 proactive monitoring
  • Maintenance and support
  • Security and performance evaluation
  • Customer premises equipment (CPE)

With ENA WAN, customers only need to call one phone number—ENA’s—to request new services or to resolve any and all issues related to our services. We continually evaluate all aspects of our service and updates, and we will replace any component that needs attention, including ENA-owned customer premises equipment, as required.

ENA understands that your technology needs change at a rapid pace. The solutions you put in place to meet today’s goals need to scale and evolve to meet tomorrow’s requirements. ENA’s IaaS approach ensures that your WAN infrastructure will always be future ready. As your requirements change and grow, ENA will adjust your equipment and service needs in a cost-effective manner to accommodate these shifts.

If you would like additional information about ENA WAN, or if you would like to purchase ENA WAN for your institution, please contact one of our regional service professionals. 


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