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ENA Air Reporting, Analytics and Technical Specifications

Operational Control*

Operational control provides you with the ability to:

  • Manage wireless LAN SSIDs
  • Modify policies
  • Meet fluctuating user demands
  • Adjust traffic policies
  • Prioritize applications with quality of service
  • Manage user access

The comprehensive feature includes:

  • Client blacklisting
  • WLAN per AP bandwidth throttling
  • WLAN PSK change
  • WLAN renaming
  • WLAN status (enable/disable)

*Only available with Ruckus equipment

Real-Time Monitoring*

Review, evaluate, and monitor Wi-Fi device activity in real-time.  Modify and troubleshoot Wi-Fi network traffic to avoid user down-time issues through a user-friendly customer dashboard interface. Receive up to date information on:

  • Access points
  • Clients

*Only available with Ruckus equipment

Reporting and Analytics

ENA Air’s real-time analytics and reporting tools let you know exactly what is happening on your Wi-Fi network, including:

  • Access point load
  • Network usage by clients and client sessions
  • Data usage traffic by bandwidth and SSID
  • Detailed information search on APs and clients
  • Real-time monitoring of client association rates
  • Top traffic reports

Other Reports Available With ENA Air Include

The Data Usage report monitors user traffic differentiated by bandwidth. You can view data used both on the 2.4 and 5.0 GHz bands based on time, SSID, and AP.

Once you begin viewing your Top Ten report, you’re presented with two main options: User and AP. View User to see the top ten users represented by their username, hostname or device MAC address, as the case may be, and see how much data they’re using! Have a number of access points? Then view the top access points and see where your users are consuming the most data.

The Max Clients report reflects the peak number of clients that were concurrently connected to your Wi-Fi network. You can view the max concurrent clients by specific SSID, AP, or operating system (OS).

The Applications Report allows you to view the amount of data being used by specific applications, providing visibility into how your network is being used.

In Operating System reports, you can view the top operating systems in use to determine which types of devices are utilizing your Wi-Fi network, and you’re able to see exactly how much data each OS group is using in terms of both bytes and percentage of the total data used.

The AP Status Summary report allows you to view the status of the AP up-time and down-time and provides intuitive, graphical health reporting pertaining to each AP deployed at your site.

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