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ENA Field Day

ENA Field Day

The end of the school year has arrived! This means exams, final report cards, locker clean-outs, and—perhaps most importantly—field day!

In solidarity with all the dedicated teachers and staff sweating it out in the heat to give their students one last bit of school fun before summer break, we decided to have our very own field day at ENA. 

“The thing I enjoyed most was seeing my co-workers in a non-working environment. It’s great to get outside and do something different with people whom you spend so much time. I hope we can do it again,” said Cory Dingman, ENA inside sales representative.

“I really enjoyed getting to see my co-workers in a setting other than behind the desk. It shows how much ENA and specifically the event squad cares about its employees!” added accountant Alesha Sisco.

While we mostly wanted to build team comradery, meet new coworkers in a team environment,  and generally have fun kicking off the summer…we also all wanted to win!

We competed in a plethora of activities, including the spoon relay, trash can ball toss, hula hoop, water balloon toss, and cornhole. After all the games were complete, first place went to the Sapphire team.

ENA Field Day in Action

One member of the winning team, Bria Curry, thought the event was a massive success. “ENA Field Day brought together so many people who don’t often get the opportunity otherwise. The fact that so many people participated testifies to the strength of our culture and the family-orientated atmosphere we have cultivated over time at ENA. I am definitely looking forward to defending my 1st place title next year at ENA Field Day 2019!”

ENA Field Day Group

We also want to issue a special thanks to Lindsey Davis, a member of ENA’s customer engagement team, for all the effort she put forth to make the day such so much fun.

Brad White is a communications professional and digital marketer at ENA. A former seventh grade language arts teacher, he has a passion for engaging and serving the educational community.
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