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We Are ENA – Glen Smith – Meet the CTAC Edition

We Are ENA – Glen Smith – Meet the CTAC Edition
Glen Smith

Customer Support Engineer, ENA

Originally from Grenada, Mississippi, Glen Smith has been in Nashville for 18 years, and he’s been a member of ENA’s CTAC for the past six months. Meet Glen!

1. How long have you been with ENA, and from where did you join us?
I have been with ENA for 6 months. Before starting with ENA, I worked at Computer Technology Corporation (CTC), which is a managed services provider. They offered managed IT services to small to mid-size companies in Middle Tennessee.

2. Pretend I’ve never heard of ENA. How would you describe your job?
I would definitely describe my current job as fun yet challenging. It is extremely cool to work in an environment that truly cares about its employees. I feel at home here. It has been a joy getting to know my coworkers, and ENA’s open door policy allows each of us to have a voice. The multicultural environment here lends to a more inclusive and collaborative work environment.

3. What’s your favorite thing about working at ENA?
My favorite thing about working at ENA is the opportunities we have to learn about so many different technologies. The environment here encourages constant learning. I look forward to coming to work every day.

4. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve either learned or noticed since you joined ENA?
The most interesting thing about ENA to me is the diverse workforce. ENA seems to understand the advantages of a multicultural workforce. I feel having diversity increases employee morale and job seekers are definitely drawn to companies like ENA.

5. Outside of work, what do you think has been/will be the highlight of the year for you? (i.e. A vacation you’re going on/went on, a movie you’re looking forward to, getting married, etc.)
The highlight of my year will definitely be going on vacations with my family. For the first time in years, I do not have to worry about having enough vacation time. Thanks, ENA!!!

6. What are some of your hobbies and interests?
I love the outdoors, exercising, and just working in the yard. Fishing is my favorite pastime. I also enjoy doing small projects around the house that fill my “honey do list”.

7. What bands and/or artists are in heavy rotation on your playlist?
I like a variety of music but am a huge fan of southern soul blues. Being in Nashville for so long, I recently started listening to several country artists, but Florida George Line is a favorite. I also have an alto saxophone and I am currently looking for someone to help me learn how to play it. Any instructors out there? LOL

Noah joined the ENA team in 2015 as the marketing communications manager.
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