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ENA Johnny Award Winners – Casey, Frank, James, and Scott

ENA Johnny Award Winners – Casey, Frank, James, and Scott

Last month, we learned what it means to be a “Johnny” at ENA, which is a reference to the Johnny Awards that ENA gives out at every company meeting to recognize and honor teammates who exemplify outstanding internal or external customer service.

This month, we’re highlighting our most recent winners—Frank Mills; the dynamic duo of Scott Throneberry and James Denney; and Casey Boone!

Check out the winning nominations below!


After an ENA customer became the victim of multiple DDoS attacks and called the CTAC for assistance, Frank Mills took on the task of helping the customer identify the source. Frank came up with the idea to route each VLAN at the affected school to its own public IP address to assist in narrowing down the source of the attack. This allowed the subsequent DDoS attack to affect a smaller subset of the customer’s network and ultimately assisted in identifying the DDoS source, which more quickly restored service to the school.






An ENA customer was preparing for statewide testing and noticed issues with their devices accessing the testing site. Although the problem was not with ENA services, when the issue persisted into the weekend before testing, both Scott and James jumped right in to help the customer get the testing site functioning.
After multiple hours of conference calls with the customer, Scott and James discovered the problem was the customer-owned content filter, which they were able to resolve before testing began.






After an ENA customer reported an issue, Casey put on his expert troubleshooting hat and went to work. He identified an obscure issue related to a specific type of device. Casey resolved the issue, all while remaining communicative and informative throughout the duration of the incident.




A big thank you to all our Johnny Award winners for delivering excellent customer support! Stay tuned for new Johnny Award winners in the coming months!

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