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Engage with ENA: NTC Traveling Tech Day

Engage with ENA: NTC Traveling Tech Day

At ENA, we work day in and day out to achieve one goal – that the students we serve have the resources they need to be successful. We pride ourselves on creating the best experience for our customers so they can focus on what matters most.

While we work daily with the students in mind, it’s not every day we get to interact with them directly.

On Tuesday, October 24th, we welcomed 30 students from Ravenwood high school as part of the Nashville Technology Council’s (NTC) Traveling Tech Days. As a sponsor of the Traveling Tech Days, we were excited to explain who we are and what we do, offer advice on how to acquire and demonstrate the skills needed for a career in the technology industry, and demonstrate those skills live and in-person.

With lots of smiles and eager attitudes (the doughnuts waiting for them may have helped), the students were loaded with questions about the ins and outs of the technology that enables them to complete their day-to-day activities. Both through a tour of our office as well as a hands-on coding activity in ENA TrustCompute, employees in a variety of departments were thrilled to paint a picture of a future the students could start working toward now.

ENA Tech Day

While all the activities were informative and engaging, perhaps the most impactful was the unlikely career journey shared by Michael McKerley, ENA’s Chief Technology Officer. With dreams of being a novelist, McKerley began his career journey in pursuit of a Humanities degree. As his path began to change, he explained the similarities and translatable skills he discovered in both his passion for the arts and technology. The underlying parallel was a passion to create something that mattered.

As the students left with a multitude of “thank you’s” and “that was awesome,” we were reminded just why we do what we do. Empowered by solutions that save them time, money, and frustration, our customers can focus on what matters most – preparing the students for their future that lies ahead.

Meredith Martin is a member of ENA's Customer Engagement team. She is passionate about creating memorable and meaningful experiences for customers and the education communities they serve.
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