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Engage With ENA: Teachers Teaching Technology

Engage With ENA: Teachers Teaching Technology

IETA students

Three months have passed since we featured an incredible augmented reality experience—designed and created by high school students—in our booth at the Idaho Education Technology Association (IETA) Conference…and we still aren’t over it.

We were so impressed with the students at the Northeast High School (NEHS) Computer and Information Technology Academy (CITA) that we had to connect with their fearless leaders—their four teachers.

One teaches social studies, one engineering and robotics, one math, and one coding, but all four of the teachers have chosen to impart their passion for technology to the NEHS CITA students.

On May 11–12, ENA welcomed the group of teachers for a two-day externship. With a full first day of information prepared, the group met with each of our technology managers as well as members of their teams, including our CTAC, Security, R&D, Networking, and MIS departments.

During each 45-minute session, the managers focused on their individual career journeys as well as what types of technology and skills they use daily.

The excitement and common theme of technology’s endless possibilities were evident as PowerPoint presentations were shared, questions were flowing, and engaging group discussions were ignited.

“Having the chance to speak with classroom leaders was the highlight of the month,” said ENA’s Product Manager of Security Colleen Hoy. “Externships are invaluable for teachers to get the rare opportunity to ask questions of tech professionals, see what kind of environments their students may encounter in just a few years, and understand the process of developing new products. It’s a chance to bring back to the classroom the real-world requirements of jobs—the hard and the soft skills.”

As each manager shared their insight into the industry, the teachers gleaned every piece of information they could. From job titles and the steps it took to get there to the advice each manager offered, the group emphasized the value of hearing about real-world examples and then being able to relate those to their students.

“Through ENA I learned that there is a plethora of networking tech jobs available for students to seek out,” said NEHS CITA Teacher Stefi Outlaw. “I am so pleased that I can report back to my students the diverse backgrounds of the ENA employees and how these backgrounds and education levels support their teamwork efforts.”

While the first day of the externship consisted of a classroom-like environment, the second day began with an in-depth tour of ENA’s data center.

Two of ENA’s top-notch engineers led the group through rows and rows of servers that enable our customers to receive high-quality and robust broadband. The group was loaded with questions to fully understand the behind-the-scenes technology that allows their CITA students to pursue their passions.

To wrap up the externship, the teachers then reconvened to discuss all that was learned and brainstorm ideas for their students’ “Challenge Projects,” which will be part of their final exam.

Northeast High School

“Our next Challenge Project is based on what we learned at ENA,” said Outlaw. “The students will get their first taste of networking by setting up mock Internet access to the new wing of our school! It is our first challenge focused on networking, and I am excited to see how well the students respond.”

At ENA, we have the solutions to enable the digital age in education, but we are not a typical service provider—we consider ourselves your service partner. When we can witness the positive results and direct impact of our solutions, we are reminded why we invest in more than the technology.

We invest in the promising future of the teachers and students we serve.

“ENA has long been a partner to schools all over the country, but having the chance to impact the classroom is a very special opportunity,” said Hoy.

Meredith Martin is a member of ENA's Customer Engagement team. She is passionate about creating memorable and meaningful experiences for customers and the education communities they serve.
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