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So Long to the Sun Shindig

ENA - eclipse viewing

ENA found itself directly in the path of totality for the great American eclipse of 2017. As anyone who knows us might expect–we had to throw a party to celebrate.

“There is no shortage of enthusiasm at ENA, so, of course, we didn’t just experience the once-in-a-lifetime event; we celebrated it!” said Taylor Gray, proposal specialist.

Donning proper eclipse viewing glasses and snacking on an assortment of tasty delights, which of course included moon pies, ENA took in the celestial event with proper taste and style.

David Mabry, Manager of Systems Engineering, enjoyed every minute, or, more specifically, about 90 seconds. “Watching the Solar Eclipse at ENA’s Nashville Office was an amazing experience.  To make it even better, we had Moon Pies and Milky Ways! Events like this remind me why I enjoy hanging out with my ENA family.”

The fun even extended to our remote employees who still had quite a view of the eclipse.

“Even though the sun has set on this event, we’re over the moon with the memories made!”
As Project Manager Michael Dubose remarked, “It was impressive, formidable, and magnificent.”

ENA Eclipse Viewing

Brad White is a communications professional and digital marketer at ENA. A former seventh grade language arts teacher, he has a passion for engaging and serving the educational community.
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