Transforming Learning Outcomes With a Data-Driven Approach to Digital Learning

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ENA > Media > Transforming Learning Outcomes With a Data-Driven Approach to Digital Learning
Today’s schools are compiling a vast amount of data from an influx of educational applications and online tools, but they often lack the time and resources necessary to analyze the data and transform it into meaningful action. This was the challenge Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District (GCISD) faced with its thriving one-to-one (1:1) digital initiative. In order to make the most of their powerful EdTech tools, GCISD’s administrative leaders needed a way to efficiently evaluate and measure the impact technology is having in their classrooms.

To more effectively see and manage the growing number of digital learning applications being used in its classrooms, GCISD deployed CatchOn, an expansive data analytics tool that compiles up-to-the-minute actionable data on every device, both inside and outside the classroom. Press play to learn more.

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