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Moving to the Cloud

Schools and libraries are attracted to the cloud for many of the same reasons businesses are attracted to the cloud:

  • It can provide a secure, cost-effective alternative to on-premises data centers.
  • It can provide the means to improve the reliability of technology services while avoiding big investments in current facilities.
  • Finally, it can offload the task of data center maintenance to someone else, freeing IT staff to focus on more critical work.

Although the benefits of cloud computing are substantial, cloud adoption is often hindered by the problem of cloud migration, i.e., how to move workloads from an on-premises data center to the cloud. With the right planning and preparation, migrating to the cloud can be a seamless process. Here are a few suggestions to make your move to the cloud successful.

Inventory your workloads

The most important factor in a successful cloud migration is how well you understand the workloads you run. How are they deployed? What resources do they consume? What storage do they access? What other applications do they talk to? What are their network dependencies?

There are tools on the market that can assist with this type of discovery, and large enterprise IT organizations often need this extra help.

Create a migration strategy

The purple unicorn of cloud computing is the “one size fits all” migration strategy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. The migration strategy that will work best for you is the one you create based on your specific objectives and workloads.

First, decide what you want to move. To suit your organization’s objectives, you may decide to migrate all of your workloads, some of your workloads, or perhaps only key services. Next, decide how you want to move it. Depending on the amount of data you’re migrating and the window of time available to migrate, your migration strategy may include one or more migration methodologies.

Many cloud vendors offer a machine-to-machine migration capability to help with rehosting. ENA TrustCompute provides this capability with a new 5-step VM migration feature that makes rehosting of virtual machines much easier for our customers. Click here to learn more about this exciting new feature.

Optimize workloads for the cloud

Take advantage of the unique attributes of cloud computing by optimizing your workloads. For example, some districts will buy the biggest machine they can with their available funds and push everything they own to it, not knowing when funds will be available again.

In the cloud, horizontal scaling is not only more efficient but also less risky, eliminating single points of failure. To learn more about the power of the cloud, click here.

Brad White is a communications professional and digital marketer at ENA. A former seventh grade language arts teacher, he has a passion for engaging and serving the educational community.
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