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New ENA WebSafe Report and YouTube for Schools Deprecation

New ENA WebSafe Report and YouTube for Schools Deprecation

ENA recently launched two important updates to our content filtering service, ENA WebSafe:

• ENA WebSafe Audit Report

ENA WebSafe’s new audit report details historical information regarding changes to your content filtering policy, including

• Content filtering overrides
• Category changes
• Changes to HTTPS filtering setting
• YouTube for Schools

The audit report provides you with enhanced tracking visibility, enabling you to identify users making changes, monitor when changes are initiated and completed, and more. Find out how you can utilize this new report with the Audit Report user guide over at the ENA Help Center.

As your education technology service partner, ENA strives to provide timely and informative service updates and notifications. To that end, we want to alert you of a change that has been made by Google that may impact how your organization accesses YouTube. Google decided to discontinue YouTube for Schools. As such, ENA no longer supports YouTube for Schools.

ENA WebSafe formerly allowed customers to enable or disable YouTube for Schools through the myENA portal. ENA has removed that functionality from the portal with the release of the ENA WebSafe audit report.

As an alternative to YouTube for Schools, YouTube’s Restricted Mode is available. Restricted Mode is an opt-in setting that helps screen potentially objectionable YouTube content and hides comments.

If your organization utilizes ENA’s DNS service and would like to enable YouTube’s Restricted Mode, please call our Customer Technical Assistance Center (CTAC) at 888-612-2880 to opt in. If you use your own local DNS server, please visit the ENA Help Center for detailed information about enabling YouTube’s Restricted Mode.

If you have questions or need additional assistance with ENA WebSafe or YouTube’s Restricted Mode, the ENA CTAC is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 888-612-2880 or by e-mail at support@ena.com.

Noah joined the ENA team in 2015 as the marketing communications manager.
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