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Pets of ENA

Pets of ENA

Pets of ENA - GaryWho knows if pets ever fully understand the joy they bring into our lives.

They crack us up with their expressions and can cheer us up with a damp lick on the face. Their crazy antics may confound us, but we understand it’s just another part of what makes them more than just an animal—they are family.

Pets of ENA - BiscuitHere at ENA, the concept of family extends well beyond the traditional definition. It includes our friends, co-workers, customers, and yes, our pets. That is why when you visit ENA, you may encounter Vegas, a lovable canine of undefined origins, or Biscuit, a tiny chihuahua who loves to wear a ladybug costume.

Biscuit’s mom, Finance Specialist Juliet Garza, appreciates seeing the occasional pet in the office.  “Honestly, Biscuit makes me and others happy…I love seeing pets in the office. They brighten my day.”

Combined, we have more than 105 members of the animal kingdom within our ENA family.  Some of our employees shared what they love most about having a loyal companion at home:

I love coming home to wagging tails and goofy grins!

The unconditional love! I know my dog will be waiting to greet me every day when I come home.Pets of ENA - Chrissy

Trying to figure out what he is thinking when you talk to him and he looks back with his face turned sideways.

The unwavering friendship and love.

Someone is always overjoyed to see me when I come home!

We can always count on her to make our day better no matter what.

The cuddling 🙂

Watching the kids and our pet dog Marco get excited when it is time to go outside to play.

Below are some  more pictures of our adorable extended ENA family in action!
Pets of ENA - Mezcal      ENA Pets, Monica Cougan      Pets of ENA - Wrigley




Brad White is a communications professional and digital marketer at ENA. A former seventh grade language arts teacher, he has a passion for engaging and serving the educational community.
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