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March 13, 2020—Earlier today, the Federal Communications Commission launched the “Keep Americans Connected” pledge, which requires participating service providers to take the critical steps needed to ensure Americans stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. ENA is proud to announce that it has joined the pledge, and in doing so, is committed to ensuring the education, healthcare, library, and government communities it serves maintain continued access to robust and reliable broadband during this critical time. To read the FCC’s full statement, click here.

“As an INCOMPAS member, ENA is proud to join other service providers in committing to the FCC’s pledge,” says Kitty O’Connor, General Counsel for ENA. “Given the heightened challenges facing education, healthcare, and business environments due to COVID-19, our top priority is to ensure the continuity of services. To do so, ENA has developed a robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery program that incorporates resilient network architecture and procedures to prevent disruptions in services to customers.”

In its statement, the FCC also requested providers “that serve schools and libraries to work with them on remote learning opportunities, and on all network operators to prioritize the connectivity needs of hospitals and healthcare providers.” As a leading provider of technology solutions to both education institutions and healthcare organizations, ENA is committed to delivering connectivity, video conferencing, VoIP, cloud, and data analytics and application monitoring services that enable and enhance remote learning and telehealth programs.

“We understand that this is a very stressful and difficult time, particularly so for school districts, colleges and universities, healthcare organizations, and government agencies,” says O’Connor. “ENA is available to assist communities with their own crisis management procedures and help them implement tools, such as Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom, a video conferencing solution that is available on a monthly basis without subscription, that minimize risk and improve operations as they make the shift to eLearning, telehealth, or remote work.”

ENA offers solutions that can be an essential part of your emergency response plan, including the following:

ENA Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom

Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom is the premier hosted video and web conferencing solution. Available on a monthly basis without subscription, Zoom makes it possible to conduct courses remotely—no matter how many licenses your community requires.

Kajeet Logo

Kajeet SmartSpot is a filtered mobile hotspot device, providing students with a safe, simple wireless connection to the Internet. The solution includes usage and data reporting as well as device check-in/out functionality.

ENA SmartVoice

ENA SmartVoice is a highly resilient, cloud-based communications service that can keep your staff and faculty connected anytime and anywhere, especially during a crisis or emergency. ENA can provide special, no commitment service options to enable our ENA SmartVoice Go smartphone app as part of your emergency response plans and communications strategies.

CatchOn An ENA Affiliate

CatchOn is an expansive data analytics tool that enables school districts to see the apps and online tools students are using in and out of the classroom. Catchon helps schools leverage their data to better serve their students. The solution’s powerful, customizable dashboards give leaders the data-visibility they need to realize their goals.

About ENA

ENA delivers transformative technology solutions supported by exceptional customer care. Since 1996, we have worked with our customers to design and engineer high-capacity and future-ready connectivity, communication, cloud, security, and data analytics solutions. For more information, please visit www.ena.com, call 866-615-1101, or e-mail [email protected]

“Given the heightened challenges facing education, healthcare, and business environments due to COVID-19, our top priority is to ensure the continuity of services.” says Kitty O’Connor, General Counsel for ENA

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