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We Are Connected – The Power of Video Collaboration in Education

We Are Connected – The Power of Video Collaboration in Education

Video Collaboration White Paper

Education Networks of America® (ENA) in collaboration with Wainhouse Research has developed a white paper and companion suite of resources that examine the growing role of video collaboration in education. The proliferation of desktop and mobile video solutions enable educators and learners, as end users, to engage in anytime/anywhere video communications via their smartphones, tablets, and/or computers, essentially transforming them into walking endpoints who possess the ability to receive and transmit content with the click of a button.


ENA has put together a toolkit of actionable recommendations and resources to assist those schools and districts that are just getting started with video conferencing and collaboration as well as those that are looking to enhance their current programs. The toolkit includes a section on Model Use Cases and Supporting Technology Requirements as well as a Getting Started Checklist.

Case Studies

To provide insight into how school districts are using video conferencing technology to connect, collaborate, educate and optimize, ENA visited and interviewed three school districts who are using desktop and mobile video conferencing in traditional, creative and innovative ways. These school systems vary in size, student demographics, and implementation strategies, but each is creating effective and meaningful collaborative learning and communication spaces for their students, educators, and administrators.

Overcoming Distance Limitations with Video in Monroe County Tennessee

Monroe County Schools (MCS), located in East Tennessee, has integrated a comprehensive approach to supporting learning at a distance. From streaming school board meetings to embarking on virtual field trips to creating a robust tele-health program, the district is committed to enhancing student opportunities (and increasing efficiencies!) through rich video collaboration experiences.

Creating Personal Learning Pathways in Decatur Township, Indiana

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Decatur Township serves more than 6,000 students and is comprised of nine schools. Decatur began exploring the possibilities afforded by video collaboration tools when educators discovered that one of their sixth grade elementary students needed to take Algebra I, a high school level math course not offered at the student’s elementary school.

Going Global with Video at Franklin West Supervisory Union in Vermont

Under the direction of Superintendent Ned Kirsch, FWSU has transformed itself into a hub for 21st century digital learning. Creating student-centered learning opportunities for its students is one of the district’s four major targets and one of the driving forces behind FWSU’s technology, curriculum, and instructional initiatives. FWSU is also focused on building a global community, student leaders, and flexible learning environments within its schools

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