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5 Reasons you need Unified Threat Management

5 Reasons you need Unified Threat Management

There is no debating it. Schools are now a primary target for hackers and other cyber criminals. Here are five reasons why it might be time to upgrade your current firewall to ENA NetShield UTM, ENA’s comprehensive unified threat management solution.

Increasing Attacks

In 2018, there were 122 publicly-disclosed cybersecurity incidents that affected 119 public K-12 education agencies across 38 states. Even more alarming—those are just the attacks that were reported.

K-12 Cybersecurity 2018 Year in Review

The Clock is Ticking

Time is of the essence. You have on average 19 minutes to detect an initial intrusion, investigate it, and eject the attacker from the network before sensitive data can be stolen or destroyed.

Defense One 2019

Data Breaches

Schools digitally manage more data than they ever have before, making them a ripe and valuable target for hackers and phishers. Social security numbers, test scores, birthdates, medical records, guardian data, and more are stored in potentially vulnerable locations that need the strongest protection possible.

External Threats

While cybersecurity breaches can originate from within the district, most attacks are executed by external sources. Hackers are scattered across the country and throughout the world. As of 2019, almost 350 significant cyber incidents have been directed from areas outside the United States.

Center for Strategic & International Studies 2019


You have school boards members, stakeholders, and parents who want to know what action is being taken to protect precious data. They need to know threats are being given their proper weight and consideration. For superintendents and IT directors, accomplishing this mandate requires high visibility tools, including real-time dashboards and reporting.

Your data is valuable. It’s time to consider a holistic approach to security.

You might feel good about your firewall. Or perhaps you are confident in your internal security. But to truly be safe, school districts need to adopt a holistic cybersecurity approach. Unified threat management ensures that all your safeguards are working in concert to protect you from internal and external threats.

With ena netshield utm, you can:

  • Simplify your security infrastructure by merging security and network functions
  • Gain critical visibility and control of your network with a co-management portal
  • Protect your network with continuously updated threat prevention intelligence


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5 Reasons Why You Need UTM
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