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Wi-Fi Best Practice White Paper

Wi-Fi Best Practice White Paper

Wi-Fi Best Practice Guide White Paper

Mobile devices have transformed the learning experience in many classrooms today, and wireless networks play a key part in supporting technology-driven learning. The connected classroom allows students to unearth a wealth of resources beyond their four walls, and it offers the teachers new ways to engage and inspire. While connectivity has become an expectation of students, as well as a platform for digital learning, the increased number of mobile devices in the classroom also creates many challenges that IT departments are continually facing.

This K-12 Best Practice Guide has been designed to help schools understand key considerations when investigating WLAN technologies to support their digital learning environments. It will explain why appropriate planning, selecting enterprise grade solutions, and outsourcing the assessment, implementation, and management of WLAN infrastructure can dramatically reduce the IT burden of supporting mobile devices.

Includes Three Case Studies

Download the Best Practice White Paper and Abstract to learn how these three districts successfully implemented new Wi-Fi networks to support their digital transformation.

Arthur Elementary School Wi-Fi Case Study

Arthur Elementary School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Arthur Elementary School received an upgraded Wi-Fi network as part of their ConnectED initiative and has quickly become a model for effective 21st century technology integration within the Oklahoma City Public School district.

Cairo School District Illinois Wi-Fi Case Study

Cairo School District, Cairo, Illinois

Cairo School District, located in Cairo, Illinois, distributed 527 iPads to the district’s students and faculty members and implemented a new seamless Wi-Fi network to support their digital transformation improving upon the district’s previous piecemeal approach to Wi-Fi.

Wilder School District Idaho Wi-Fi Case Study

Wilder School District, Wilder, Idaho

Idaho’s Wilder School District (Wilder) is undergoing a significant digital transformation. Wilder’s Superintendent Jeff Dillon has made personalized learning the goal, and he is using technology as a means of differentiating the instructional experience for every single student.

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