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Social Responsibility

Since our founding in 1996, ENA has been guided by a simple belief: we are only as successful as the communities we serve.

That’s why we don’t just strive to provide the solutions that best meet our communities’ needs; we are committed to leveraging our skills, expertise, and creativity to form lasting partnerships. Working hand-in-hand with the institutions we serve, we help ensure the ongoing success of the communities that enrich our lives. 

To ensure that we remain the best partners we can be, ENA is equally committed to creating a work environment in which our team can thrive. That’s why we work every day to create a culture in which talent is fostered, ideas and creativity are rewarded, and work-life balance is valued. 

Committed To Serving Our Community

ENA is committed to fostering community well-being and growth inside and out.

We Are ENA

How We Give Back To The Community
Hack for the Community
Hack for the Community

ENA sponsors and participates in Nashville’s Hack for the Community event, which brings the city’s best IT professionals together to boost the tech capacity of local nonprofits.

Open Source
Open Source

Unusual among large tech companies, ENA is committed to contributing to open source technology. It’s our goal to encourage the collaboration and the dissemination of important insights that make breakthroughs possible.

ENA Volunteers

All ENA employees receive paid time off to volunteer at a nonprofit of his or her choice. ENA also collaborates with local nonprofits to create company-wide volunteer events throughout the year.

Youth Talent Development
Youth Talent Development

ENA works to promote the next generation of tech talent by hosting educational events for middle- and high-school students, including career development seminars, informational presentations, and events that promote gender parity in the technology sector.

ENA Internship
Internship Program

ENA welcomes several interns each year from many colleges and universities. Interns are given the opportunity to work directly with ENA team members to cultivate essential professional skills.

ENA Driving Change
Driving Change

Supporting the communities we serve extends well beyond the solutions we design and deliver at ENA. Many of our team members serve as board members of or are actively involved with national, state, and regional non-profit organizations located across the country.

Want to help make a difference and work with the best?

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