Data Analytics

Transform Your Data Into Measurable Results with CatchOn

Data Analytics

The Data You Want — The Way You Want It

Catchon helps schools leverage their data to better serve their students. The solution’s powerful, customizable dashboards give leaders the visibility they need to realize their goals.

CatchOn is an expansive data analytics tool that empowers districts to:

Protect Student Data Privacy

Third-Party Badging and Security Reviews. Quickly assess the privacy policy of every app you might wish to use.

Reporting. Users can sort, download, and export a list of approved or unapproved applications to share with district personnel, stakeholders, and parents.

Student Data Privacy Dashboard. Get instant visibility into NEW trending applications, enabling district leaders to monitor unapproved and approved apps and ongoing privacy policies to maintain privacy compliance.

Save Money

Cost Per User. Determine when and how often students are actually using a digital tool to determine the real cost per user.

Early KPIs. Measure the performance of new investments as soon as you make them.

Waste-Free Tech. Get real-time, class-level data to know how many subscriptions and licenses are truly needed.

Track and Confirm Adoption. Ensure instructors are incorporating effective EdTech.

Track Student Engagement

Immediate Reporting. Get up-to-the-minute results to keep students from falling behind.

Address Equity Disparities. Discover how students use their apps and devices, both inside and outside of class.

Eliminate Gaps in Data. Receive detailed reports on data at the district, school, class, and student levels.

Professional Development. Identify professional development opportunities, best practices, and needs.

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CatchOn and ENA: The Ultimate Dynamic Duo

Together, CatchOn and ENA leverage their respective resources and expertise to deliver the critical services, solutions, and data school districts need to produce positive outcomes in the communities they serve.

Speak with a team member to learn more about how CatchOn can easily help you track and assess your EdTech investments, safeguard student data, and monitor student engagement.

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