Your Trusted Cloud Computing Solution

ENA TrustCompute is our comprehensive and budget-friendly Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing solution delivered to communities as a scalable, easy-to-use, and secure virtual private cloud (VPC).
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Cloudflare on ENA TrustCompute

ENA TrustCompute, in partnership with Cloudflare, now delivers advanced web security to our cloud computing customers at no additional cost.

Why Organizations Are Choosing ENA TrustCompute

Managed VPC Solution – ENA TrustCompute’s logically isolated VPC architecture enables customers to realize the flexibility and scalability of public cloud with the privacy, security, and predictable billing benefits of private cloud. We also offer dedicated ENA TrustCompute for optimal performance and data privacy. 

TrustCompute All-in-One Packages

Sustainable, All-in-One Price – ENA’s customer care support and resources are included in every ENA TrustCompute package. From our live, 24x7x365 support engineers to our extensive self-help documentation, customers can rest assured knowing world-class care and product support is always included.

Honest, Transparent Billing – No gimmicks, no data transfer or fluctuating hidden fees. Just a simple, flat monthly rate you can predictably rely on.

Sleek, Easy-To-Use Interface – Designed to reduce the complexity of cloud computing, ENA TrustCompute’s powerful, user-friendly, and intuitive platform interface enables users to quickly create virtual machines, rapidly deploy applications, and allocate computing resources as needed.

Custom Packages – Need a customized package? ENA tailors its cloud services to meet each customer’s specific needs. We’ll work with you to carve out the exact package and terms you need to get the job done.

Trust Compute Built for Communities

Our Platform is Built for Communities – We built ENA TrustCompute to specifically meet the unique infrastructure, operational, support, and fiscal demands of the communities we serve.

ENA TrustCompute Package Options

ENA TrustCompute offers simple and flexible resource bundles, and our service add-ons enable you to tailor your memory, storage, and virtual CPU core quantities to meet your specific needs.



Virtual CPU

Public IPs

Entry Level

40 GB

1.5 TB

16 Cores


Small Bundle

80 GB

2.5 TB

32 Cores


Medium Bundle

160 GB

5 TB

64 Cores


Large Bundle

320 GB

10 TB

128 Cores


X-Large Bundle

640 GB

20 TB

256 Cores



Discover Stacks

A stack is a virtual machine that is included in the ENA TrustCompute cloud computing platform.
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