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ENA TrustCompute is our fully-hosted, managed virtual data center service that provides organizations with a comprehensive and secure cloud computing platform that is scalable, easy to use, and budget friendly.
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Why Organizations Are Choosing ENA TrustCompute

  1. Sustainable, All-in-One Price – ENA’s customer care support and resources are included in every ENA TrustCompute package. From our live, 24x7x365 support engineers to our extensive self-help documentation, customers can rest assured knowing world-class care and product support is always included.
  2. Honest, Transparent Billing – No gimmicks, no data transfer or fluctuating hidden fees. Just a simple, flat monthly rate you can predictably rely on.
  3. Custom Packages – Need a customized package? ENA tailors its cloud services to meet each customer’s specific needs. We’ll work with you to carve out the exact package and terms you need to get the job done.
  4. Our Platform is Built for Communities – We built ENA TrustCompute to specifically meet the unique infrastructure, operational, support, and fiscal demands of the communities we serve.

Discover Stacks

A stack is a virtual machine that is included in the ENA TrustCompute cloud computing platform.
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6 Ways to Leverage Cloud Computing

Data Refresh
Data Center Refresh
Free up technology staff from the burdens and costs associated with maintaining physical servers.
Capacity On Demand
Capacity on Demand
Simple and flexible resource bundles can be allocated as needed, eliminating the guesswork required with on-site servers and enabling you to purchase what you need when you need it.
Internet Download
Internet Facing Downloads
Load balance and distribute your Internet-facing workloads across multiple computing resources within ENA TrustCompute’s virtual environment to streamline operations and help reduce costs and workload challenges.
Offsite Backup
Off-Site Backup
Schedule regular backups of your data and securely store a copy of your data within the ENA cloud.
Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery
In the event of a catastrophic failover requiring restoration of your infrastructure, ENA TrustCompute provides immediate access and the ability to recover your data without losing or corrupting your data resources.
Test Environment
Testing your software applications and programs in ENA’s secure cloud computing environment allows you to monitor and evaluate latency issues, browser performance, and other compatibility issues.

Features You'll Appreciate

Reliable and Available — Always-on virtual server platform

Fast and Easy — Quickly create and deploy virtual machines on demand

Flexible and Scalable — Tailored packages enable users to scale up and down as needed

Virtually Transparent — Transparent user experience through a secure and private LAN extension

Disk Snapshots — Minimizes risks associated with software upgrades

VM Migration — VMware users can leverage our VM Migration feature in their cloud migration strategy. The 5-step process, guided by our migration director and powered by Veeam, provides the capability to copy on-premise VMs directly to your virtual private cloud (VPC).

Pre-Configured Open-Source Applications — A comprehensive library of stacks that enable users to quickly and easily deploy popular open source applications for web services, IT monitoring, analytics, email archiving, and more.

Reduce Overhead Costs — Eliminates the unpredictable and costly repair, power, and cooling expenses associated with maintaining traditional on-site servers

Flexible Package Options Designed to Meet Your Needs

ENA TrustCompute offers simple, flexible resource bundles. These bundles allow you to tailor your memory, storage, and virtual CPU core configuration.

Need migration support? Contact us to learn more about our optional cloud professional services. 



Virtual CPU

Entry Level

40 GB

1.5 TB

16 Cores

Small Bundle

80 GB

2.5 TB

32 Cores

Medium Bundle

160 GB

5 TB

64 Cores

Large Bundle

320 GB

10 TB

128 Cores

X-Large Bundle

640 GB

20 TB

256 Cores

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