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Cloudflare on ENA TrustCompute

Enhanced, enterprise-class security protection for websites

ENA TrustCompute

Enterprise Web Security in ENA’s Cloud

Organizations are utilizing cloud for more of their mission-critical infrastructure needs than ever before, making robust security for web-facing properties an integral priority.

ENA TrustCompute, in partnership with Cloudflare, delivers advanced web security to our cloud computing customers at no additional cost.

Leveraging Cloudflare’s intelligent network spanning 200+ cities and 25+ million Internet properties, ENA TrustCompute delivers industry-leading protection and accelerated performance in ENA’s secure cloud environment.

Cloudflare on ENA TrustCompute enables you to:
  • Protect websites and web applications from denial-of-service attacks, malicious bots, and critical vulnerabilities like the OWASP Top 10 and zero-day attacks
  • Safeguard network infrastructure against Layer 4 and 7 DDoS attacks
  • Improve website performance with Cloudflare’s content delivery network

Powerful Features in ENA’s Cloud​

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Enterprise-grade WAF protection fights web attacks in seconds by detecting and blocking common Layer 7 application-based vulnerabilities like SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting, and cross-site forgery requests – all without changing your existing infrastructure or slowing down your website.

ENA TrustCompute customers can work with ENA to enforce a variety of rulesets including the OWASP Top 10 Core ruleset, Cloudflare’s managed ruleset, or create their own custom ruleset. With over 26 million domains on their network, Cloudflare’s shared network intelligence constantly learns of new vulnerabilities, patches them, and rolls out patches to all customers.

Advanced, Cost-Effective DDoS Protection

In today’s digital world, business continuity is of paramount importance and downtime is simply not an option. Cloudflare’s cloud-based always-on DDoS solution provides ENA TrustCompute customers with intelligent, efficient, and automated protection against sophisticated Layer 4 and 7 volumetric-based attacks. 

With multiple mitigation capabilities, Cloudflare’s extensive network capacity absorbs the traffic of DDoS attacks of all forms and sizes at their network edge. ENA TrustCompute customers receive unlimited and unmetered mitigation, regardless of the size of the attack, at no cost. Plus, there are no penalties for spikes in network traffic associated with an attack.

Controlled Caching

With a global network of 200+ points of presence (PoPs), Cloudflare intelligently caches ENA TrustCompute-hosted content to be served in the quickest way possible from the closest PoP to your end-client. Cloudflare’s content delivery network (CDN)

  • Provides ultra-fast static and dynamic content delivery
  • Increases agility and control over how content is cached
  • Delivers intelligent traffic routing to avoid congestion and latency
  • Lowers the need to source content from hosted servers or origins
  • Reduces bandwidth utilization costs from the origin
Modern SSL/TLS Management

Encrypting web traffic is an important component to keeping your connections secure and data safe from monitoring and tampering. Secure Socket Layer (SSL), also called Transport Layer Security (TLS), is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. 

Used by millions of websites every day, SSL encryption ensures that all data transferred between the web server and browser remains private and safe from theft and tampering. Cloudflare on ENA TrustCompute provides modern SSL/TSL encryption and management that

  • Makes your site favored by search engines
  • Encrypts traffic so nobody can spy on user data – a key component in PCI compliance
  • Increases web visitor’s trust by displaying the green lock in the browser’s address bar

Why Choose Cloudflare on ENA TrustCompute

All Benefits Are Included at No Additional Cost

All of Cloudflare’s cloud security services and benefits are automatically included in every ENA TrustCompute package. Customers can rest assured knowing they’ll receive enterprise-grade security protection for their Internet properties at no additional cost.

Fully Integrated Platform

Cloudflare on ENA TrustCompute provides a single, simple user experience in the ENA cloud. Our partnership with Cloudflare brings multiple fully integrated capabilities, features, and benefits to ENA’s existing cloud environment, eliminating the need for customers to manage numerous services from multiple vendors.

No Trade-Offs or Compromises

Organizations rely on Internet applications to provide mission-critical services to their communities every day. Obtaining the proper security posture without sacrificing performance can be challenging. ENA TrustCompute with Cloudflare delivers the security you need with no compromises.

Ready to try Cloudflare on ENA TrustCompute?

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