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Cloud Storage

S3 Compatible Cloud Object Storage
ENA TrustVault Header Illustration

ENA TrustVault is cloud-based storage within an industry standard API that enables users to access and manage their data via a flexible interface. 

ENA TrustVault Illustration
ENA TrustVault

The ENA TrustVault Difference

  • Flat-Rate Billing — No additional charges for data operations or retrieval
  • Industry-Leading Tech — Leverages an industry-standard object storage API for storing unstructured data in the cloud
  • Strategic Security — Secured data that is redundantly stored across multiple devices ensures redundancy and resiliency
  • Share Files — File sharing capability with permissions and expiration control
  • Multi-Zone Provisioning – Choice of two provisioning regions
  • Painless Management — ENA’s hassle-free administrative portal lets you take control of your data storage management:
    • Generate S3 compliant user credentials
    • Manage and organize stored data
    • Share URLs to stored files
    • View storage usage
    • Set and manage the access types and privileges for each user

The Power of Cloud Object Storage

  • Media Storage — Create a redundant and widely-available storage bucket to host videos, photos, music, and media uploads and downloads
  • Web Application Hosting — Easily manage, access, and deploy static websites
  • Software Application Access — Host your software applications for convenient user access and download
  • Project Data Storage and Backup — Use your current backup software to build a secure storage location for project resources and data points
ENA TrustVault Storage Solution Illustration

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