Modern Technology For Your Community's Faxing Needs


ENA understands faxing still plays an integral role in communications across today’s community organizations.

ENA SmartFax is our highly-reliable, carrier-grade solution that seamlessly delivers fax transmissions to and from the public switched telephone network (PSTN) over ENA’s managed network connectivity.

What Makes ENA SmartFax so Smart?

Local Buffering

Unlike many other fax over IP (FoIP) solutions, ENA SmartFax buffers faxes locally before dispatching a fax into the ENA fax network for transmission.

Purposely Built to Alleviate Faxing Frustrations

We prevent many of the frustrations associated with faxing over an IP network by using SSL over HTTP to transmit faxes instead of G.711 or other codecs designed primarily for voice communication.

Completion Notifications

Upon completion of transmission, the ENA SmartFax service sends back a completion notice to the sending fax machine.

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