VoIP Phone Service Built to Keep Your Community Connected​

ENA SmartVoice is our fully managed, cloud-based VoIP solution that can lower your total cost of ownership and ensure a seamless path to future growth—all while streamlining your communications and better preparing your campus or organization for emergencies. With its enterprise-class features and functionality, ENA SmartVoice delivers the next generation of telephony.

Unified Communications
on the Go

ENA SmartUC is our unified communications solution that integrates mobile cloud calling, video conferencing, and messaging all into one powerful application for ENA SmartVoice users.

Add up the savings

ENA SmartVoice is hosted, so there’s no outlay of capital expenditure other than the phones themselves. Instead, the solution is offered at a flat monthly rate that delivers savings and a lower total cost of ownership. Unlike expensive on-premises systems that quickly become outdated and require constant maintenance and upgrading, we diligently work behind the scenes to ensure that ENA SmartVoice continues to meet the evolving and expanding communication needs of our customers.

Eliminate costly downtime

Unfortunately, the reality for today’s organizations is that they must be prepared for the worst. Because ENA’s VoIP solutions are designed to serve the key pillar institutes within our communities, we take reliability very seriously. In fact, we have exceeded 99.999% uptime since 2011, and our solutions are 4x more resilient than that of a single PBX.

Improve security 

With ENA SmartVoice, a phone in every room becomes an affordable reality, enabling instant and accurate communication in the event of an emergency. Our intelligent 911 system ensures that emergency personnel are dispatched to the correct physical address. Additionally, designated staff can be notified immediately via e-mail whenever a 911 call is made. ENA SmartVoice also includes an anonymous call blocking feature that prevents prank calls from reaching staff by rejecting calls with a blocked caller ID.

Advanced VoIP Handsets

Choose from a range of desktop, cordless,
and conference phones.

Tailored, Cost-Effective Service Packages  

ENA SmartVoice’s comprehensive, flat-rate packages offer robust feature-sets that enable organizations to cost-effectively streamline, mobilize, and enhance their communication platforms. Contact us to learn more about our tailored packages.  

ENA SmartVoice Enhancements 

ENA understands your communication platform is an important component of your security strategy. We have strengthened our ENA SmartVoice service offering with optional enhancements designed to meet your organization’s escalating safety needs.  

Need an ACD or cloud contact center? We’ve got you covered.

ENA offers a range of add-on contact center solutions to help you deliver exceptional inbound and outbound customer service experiences.

ENA SmartVoice
VoIP Phone Service Built to Keep Your Community Connected​
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