ENA Voice Accessibility Test

ENA’s goal is to provide a high-quality VoIP experience for our users. In order to determine if we can provide you a consistent high-quality experience using ENA SmartVoice service over your third-party Internet access connection, ENA recommends that your circuit meet the following criteria:

  • Round Trip Time Latency (RTT) less than 70ms
  • Jitter less than 25ms
  • Packet Loss less than 1%
  • Available bandwidth to support expected VoIP traffic

How to begin your test

Please run this test at the location where your third party Internet access is provisioned. If receiving ENA SmartVoice service at a location across a customer wide area network (WAN), please conduct at least one test a WAN location to ensure compliance.

  1. Download the appropriate plugin according to your operating system
    Windows    Mac    Linux
  2. Once installed click button below which will direct you to an ENA subdomain page to launch the connection test
  3. When you “Click to Start Test”, please enter your district/site name in the pop up, so ENA can track your results.
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