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Private LTE for Your Community

As wireless demands escalate, organizations are looking for ways to deliver ubiquitous broadband access to their communities.

With a private LTE (PLTE) network, school districts, higher education, healthcare, tribal nations, and local governments can cost-effectively expand wireless coverage by combining the control and fixed costs of a dedicated network with the flexibility and security of a cellular network.

ENA’s PLTE solutions enable organizations to take advantage of the license-free CBRS spectrum to deliver sustainable, secure, and high-performance wireless connectivity across their community.

Why Private LTE?

Ultimate Flexibility

With CBRS, your network is completely customizable. Prioritize needs like latency, speed, reliability, and capacity to meet your requirements and changing demands.

Enhanced Mobility

Unlike Wi-Fi, CBRS delivers high-speed mobility and seamless handovers, making it an ideal choice for on-the-move devices or large distances.

Fast and Reliable

Dedicated networks deliver higher speeds, virtually no downtime, and higher capacity for more connected devices.

Better Security

PLTE requires authorized SIM cards for network access, enabling you to decide which devices can connect to your network. The result? Better data protection and security.

Superior Coverage

While other wireless technologies are generally short-range, LTE networks offer longer signal ranges and can be easily scaled to cover sprawling areas and outdoor environments.

High-Quality Performance

High data rate. Low latency. Translation: PLTE delivers the predictable performance you need to support streaming services, digital curriculums, and mission-critical applications.

Turnkey Private LTE. Zero Headaches.

For organizations seeking a turnkey service from start to finish, ENA Beacon delivers a seamless, end-to-end private LTE solution purpose-built to your community’s unique needs.

Project Strategy and Network Design

  • ENA works closely with your project team to develop a clear strategy to ensure we understand your needs, timing, and milestones
  • ENA reviews your locations and nearby assets, conducts site surveys and geolocation mapping, and employs other information-gathering processes to inform coverage, bandwidth, and capacity options
  • ENA engineers design a comprehensive, purpose-built private LTE network with full CBRS Spectrum Access System integration
  • Network design includes the physical layer design of the LTE spectrum, towers, antennas, radio, user equipment, software, and the LTE network core

Permitting Services

ENA project manages the entire permitting process including registration of the project and ensures all local and state regulations and requirements are met.

Installation and Integration

  • ENA partners with vetted contractors and licensed professionals to build your network

  • ENA supervises and manages all installation of tower structures, LTE tower and network core equipment, cabling, and switching devices

  • ENA ensures seamless integration with your WAN and local DHCP and optimizes CBRS LTE coverage to network edge

Post-Activation Testing

After installation, ENA verifies your PLTE network service meets and exceeds your expectations

Ongoing Management and Support

ENA’s fully managed solution includes 24x7x365 monitoring of all LTE network components, firmware and software upgrades, ongoing troubleshooting, and full-service technical support

Reporting and Analytics

Online analytics portal and reporting tools let you know exactly what is happening on your LTE network in real-time

Private LTE Technology Services​

Put Our Experience and Expertise to Work For You​

Wondering if PTLE is the right option for you? Need one-time consulting work or project-based services? Have an existing private LTE network, but it’s not working well? Explore how our suite of technology services can help achieve your PLTE vision and goals.

ENA develops a PLTE project definition that would inform a scope of work, proposal to a school board, etc.

ENA engineers deliver a tailored PLTE network designed to meet your specifications and requirements.

ENA manages and monitors your existing PLTE network.

ENA assesses your existing PLTE network, provides reports on trouble areas, then remediates our findings.

The ENA Difference

Flexible Options

Whether you’re looking for a turnkey, end-to-end PLTE solution or one-time technology services, ENA has multiple management, service, and design options available to achieve your PLTE goals. 

Engineering Excellence

There’s no way around it – PLTE networks are complicated. ENA’s certified wireless and RF engineers have the expertise to confidently craft a tailored PLTE network that meets your specifications and requirements.

Carrier-Grade Tech

ENA’s private LTE networks are powered by industry-leading, carrier grade technology with multiple end-user equipment options and flexible upload and download bandwidth speeds for optimal connectivity.

We’ll Go the Distance

Many traditional carriers don’t serve rural and remote areas of the country. ENA acts as a neutral 3rd party, bringing together the right partners, vendors, and technologies needed to achieve high-quality coverage no matter where you’re located.

We’ll Manage It

Designing, implementing, and managing a PLTE network is no small feat. Let ENA do the hard work – we’ll manage all the vendors, permitting, implementation, and more to get your network up and running.

We’ll Monitor It

Depending on your ongoing management needs, ENA can provide full network management and 24x7x365 monitoring services via our world-class customer technical assistance center (CTAC).

How Private LTE Is Transforming Communities

• Adding extra data capacity to support a medical IoT network
• Delivering better network coverage across facilities Home-based connectivity for telehealth and remote patient monitoring
• Extending coverage to support bedridden/immobile patients and patients who don’t have easy access transportation
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K-12 School Districts
• Closing the homework gap by delivering Internet access to underserved and under connected students directly in their homes
• Adding new coverage and capacity to support remote learning
• Retiring unreliable and expensive hot spot programs
• Providing ubiquitous access to educational curriculum content, operational applications, and online resources
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Tribal Nations
• Expanding broadband access to all homes and students
• Delivering wireless connectivity that communities can use for educational purposes, job opportunities, entrepreneurial endeavors, and more
Local Government
• Using municipal PLTE to create Smart Cities including smart parks, smart streets, etc.
• Partnering with local K-12 districts, community colleges, and universities to eliminate the digital divide with a shared PLTE network
• Expanding wireless connectivity to city services like law enforcement, first responders, city workers, and operational centers Improving traffic management, public safety, transportation, waste, water, electricity, and environmental protection
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