ENA WAN Services Keep Your Community Connected

ENA WAN services are designed to keep you at the forefront of technology.

Our service delivers reliability, flexibility, scalability, increased service capacity, and reduced lease charges for telecommunications infrastructures. Utilizing fiber-optic connectivity between locations for tremendous speed and design flexibility, we design solutions for hard-to-reach locations leveraging a mix of available technologies tied into a seamless WAN solution.

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Adapt to today’s bandwidth-hungry reality without breaking the bank.

ENA’s experience delivering high-quality technology services empowers us to reduce management complexity and broadband disparity and includes:

Wan Illustration
  • Network design
  • 24x7x365 proactive monitoring
  • Maintenance and support
  • Security and performance evaluation
  • Customer premises equipment (CPE)

Eliminate costly infrastructure-associated expenses

The power of ENA’s complete, turnkey Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) WAN offering is that it encompasses the provisioning, installation, and ongoing maintenance of all circuits, as well as all network equipment and hardware.

With ENA WAN, we are the single provider responsible for delivering reliable services in support of the variety of applications and technologies deployed throughout your community. As your requirements change and grow, ENA will adjust your equipment and service needs in a cost-effective manner to accommodate these shifts.

Unrivaled customer support

With ENA WAN, customers only need to call one phone number—ENA’s—to request new services or to resolve any issue related to our services. We continually evaluate all aspects of our service and updates, and we will replace any component that needs attention as required.

Real Customers. Real Results.

“Switching to ENA not only saved us money again; it also gave us the bandwidth we needed to support our students and staff. In 2020, PGCPS signed an agreement with ENA that enables the district to increase its bandwidth up to 100 GB as necessary, allowing PGCPS to truly future-proof the district. The district’s network has truly become a utility, maintaining 99.99% uptime.”

W. Wesley Watts Jr., Retired CIO/CTO
Prince George’s County Public Schools

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